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Wild Hearts


Story about:destiny, lgbtq love romance trilling, lifeandlove

Age restriction: 18+

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#632 in Billionaires
#334 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 55 pages

Publication: 23.04.2022 — 16.05.2022

Description of book "Wild Hearts "

You are beautiful just the way you are….you don’t have to….!, the song repeatedly reverberates from her IPOD. Her earpieces are soaked with sweat from working out in the middle of the night, since she couldn’t sleep and don’t want to go home. Anyway, no one is waiting for her there in the first place. She will just drink and wallow away wondering what her family is doing now and if her friends really care if she exists or not. It’s a good thing that their gym at the office is still open, even though she is the owner of the building, she respects the rules of the company. Her phone rang and the music in her IPOD stopped since her cell phone is connected to it. Yes, good evening, hello!, yes, I’m about to head out. Haha!, thanks Franco, you’re a dear!. Oh, okay!, yes, the grey one. Really, t


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