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Liúxīng and the mystery sword


In the middle of the night Liúxīng is awaken my a stunning green dragon after it crash lands on the roof of his home and clutched within its razor sharp teeth is a sword unlike anything he has ever seen before. The question is who could the sword belong to...... more info

Story about: gods, dragons

Complete 9 pages
1702 11 15

Rating: 2

#612 in Fantasy
#156 in Dark fantasy
#278 in Mystery
#138 in Supernaturals


Don't love her


how a serial killer kills herself as she gets what she desires for.... more info

Story about: a serial killer

Ongoing: 04 Aug 3 pages
10 0 0

Rating: 1

#56 in Thrillers & Suspense
#17 in Crime fiction


The Curse Of Three!

Director West.

Follow the series of the thrilling adventures of the Wickinson brothers, who encounter a curse from their father that separates them with their witch abilities. But later one of the brothers, gets caught in a temptation of lifting the curse with acceptance of any consequences ahead of him! But the p... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, evil

Complete 146 pages
5439 42 14

Rating: 7

#44 in Mystery
#44 in Fantasy


Autobiography Of A Duffer


A witty but insightful narration of ‘normal’ and ‘orderly’ cultural realisms of contemporary world, from the perspective of a young duffer. This duffer believes; a normal person should know how this world looks to a stupid, whom the world loves to label ‘abnormal’ and ‘disordered’, t... more info

Story about: cultural benchmarking, hypocrisy, innocence

Ongoing: 14 Jul 39 pages
26 1 0

Rating: 0

#67 in Others
#25 in Humor


Magical Hour Glass


A little magical owl named Holly gets trapped because an old wizzard named Windo lost his magic so he trapes Holly in a magic hour glass to suck all the magic out of her.... more info

Story about: a magical owl named holly.

Ongoing: 08 Jul 0 pages
1 0 1

Rating: 1

#101 in Short stories


The Dragon and the Journalist


A Ninja Gaiden fanfic. Sonia travels to Tokyo for vacations. She's wounded by a recent break-up and longs to get over her ex. Curious as a cat, Sonia will soon find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Little did she know, Ryu Hayabusa will be the answer to all her prayers. Who would... more info

Story about: ryu, hayabusa, ninja

Complete 92 pages
4554 58 18

Rating: 6

#116 in Fanfiction
#12 in Video games Fanfiction
#22 in Anime Fanfiction


Qeterbek Palace (the Saiopia Duology, Book Two)

Julianna Gabriel

This is the sequel to Ink and Ice. Hope you enjoy! Peter Ringdulous used to live a normal life. But he and his best friend, Azure Thresh, were abducted by the psychotic King of Saiopia. Submerged in the glamorous and magic-filled world of the Roth and the Immar Court, Peter discovers that the wor... more info

Story about: magic, true love, romance fantasy

Ongoing: 05 Aug 247 pages
4246 52 23

Rating: 3

#74 in Fantasy
#30 in Romantic fantasy
#20 in Dark fantasy



PJ Lowry

Dr. Eric Saunders is summoned by a government he doesn't trust because they need his help. Despite his reservations, it was the end of the world and he was humanity's last hope.... more info

Story about: space travel, interstellar travel, space station

Complete 79 pages
7137 69 12

Rating: 11

#112 in Science fiction
#11 in Space opera


Awakening and other short stories

simon 1982

A range of short stories from fantasy to horror to humor I hope you like the range... more info

Story about: a range of short stories

Ongoing: 09 Aug 29 pages
276 9 0

Rating: 10

#55 in Horror
#118 in Short stories


Cover - Up Order

K.R Webber

Benjamin Hansen has returned from his work and is confused about what he should be cooking for his murderer. He can't wait to get killed but he can't keep one thing out of his mind....FEAR... more info

Story about: supernatural, depression, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
1333 65 8

Rating: 7

#257 in Mystery
#125 in Supernaturals
#230 in Thrillers & Suspense
#45 in Crime fiction


Hidden secret


Part of A chance encounter​ and the Límíng wù series. When Límíng wù and his brother Dong where children, they love nothing more than to explore the land near their home because it was a place of mountains, wide open fields and thick dark forests that went on for miles in all directions.... more info

Story about: mystery, fantasy

Complete 34 pages
2183 41 10

Rating: 1

#711 in Fantasy
#317 in Mystery
#153 in Supernaturals


Yearning light

Michael A. Romain

A short story about infinity. Taking place in the far future where a space station orbiting our last star. ... more info

Story about: a story about love

Complete 2 pages
30 2 1

Rating: 1

#16 in Science fiction
#81 in Thrillers & Suspense



Alex Scrivenor

After ending his mission on England, Ryan most leave the UK to go to a third-world country called Mexico, where he'll meet Lucy Fortnight, a girl whose love for answers will cost her more than she thinks. Both of them unravel the mysteries behind a mafia underneath the city of Morelia, the awakened ... more info

Story about: love, guardians, secrets and lies

Complete 409 pages
4357 141 32

Rating: 2

#52 in Thrillers & Suspense
#21 in Suspense
#386 in Romance
#57 in Romantic suspense



Shay Asundra

two kids in a clubhouse having the most pivotal moments of their lives... more info

Story about: first crush, first love, coming of age

Complete 3 pages
968 83 2

Rating: 8

#329 in Short stories
#1275 in Romance
#118 in LGBT


Dampa & cursed village


When Dampa was a young man he liked to explore wherever the wind would take him. One day a storm carries him across the sea to an island which is home to one of the rarest forms of Dragon.... more info

Story about: fantay, romance

Complete 22 pages
1055 20 18

Rating: 2

#101 in Fantasy
#29 in Dark fantasy
#85 in Mystery
#39 in Supernaturals


First love

Chukwu Annabelle

After the passing of her father, she was broken, miserable, beyond repair. She had a crush on someone but wasn't sure if she loved the person. Her heart shatters into pieces when she finds out the truth about the person she claimed to love. ************ Excerpt " I thought he was it for m... more info

Story about: love, betrayal heartbreak action, heartbreak love and unrequited love

Complete 7 pages
610 49 0

Rating: 3

#765 in Romance
#146 in Contemporary Romance


Tiny Pies

Wendy Winchester

Cas never imagined buying a simple gift for Dean would lead to something so wonderful.... more info

Story about: destiel, supernatural, love confession

Complete 3 pages
430 5 2

Rating: 1

#75 in Fanfiction


My first pet


Everyone loves pets , what happened to our first pets ? Are they still with us ? what will happen when a little girl get a stray cat ? for more read the story . Anyways this is my first story .so i apologize for the further mistakes. ... more info

Story about: pets

Complete 4 pages
26 1 2

Rating: 0

#52 in Short stories
#51 in Others


12th generation

Selena Raynee

Milton Meyers was born approximately 400 years after his ancestors hid underground from the Disaster that ruined their world.  As an engineer, Milton has to face the truth about living in the underground facility that has limited resources and knowledge about systems that provide its inhabitants w... more info

Story about: bunker, survival, apocalypse

Complete 20 pages
1324 14 5

Rating: 1

#361 in Short stories
#123 in Science fiction

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