Archangel Michael The Strongest Angel


Lesan Matins is a 14 year old boy who remains lost in his own world even after living in this cruel world.He was in his class as well, but his attention was elsewhere.He was staring at the English answers on the board, completely oblivious to the fact that the English lesson had ended an hour ago.He was just imagining a world in which only suffering, pain, fire, and the devil existed.
"Lesan"Someone called him,but he was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't hear the voice.
"Mr. Matins"Someone called him again,but this time it was a woman's voice.This disrupted his thought process.He saw that his science teacher Miss Mary green was staring at him angrily, he realized that the whole class was looking at him.Lina his friend who was sitting next to him gestured for him to stand. 
He slowly stood up and "Yes ma'am".
"So, Mr. Matins, please explain what I was teaching", He looked to Lina for help, Lina said something softly which he did not quite understand well. 
"Mr. Matins we don't have the entire day"Miss Mary said. 
"Photolynthesis ma'am"he said. The entire class burst out laughing at this.
"Ohh..Lord not again"Lina whispered. 
"What!"Miss Mary said
"Photolynthesis"His voice seemed a little shaky this time.
"It's Photosynthesis,Mr.Matins why don't you pay attention in class"Miss Mary said loudly. 
"Ma'am he just sits in class and keeps thinking like crazy"It was Rick,who was always looking for a chance to insult Lesan. 
"So, Mr Matins, what were you thinking?"Miss Mary asked him. 
"About Hell ma'am"the whole class started laughing again.He was cursing himself now, wondering why he had spoken such a thing.
"I think you should go there because there is no place for you in my class,get out" Miss Mary said in a firm tone.He slowly got up from his desk and stood outside the class.This incident doesn't matter much to him because it used to happen to him.When the bell for the end of the school day rang, all of the youngsters exited their classes.
Lina was coming out of class with his bag in hand. 
"So you enjoy in the corridor"Lina said while giving him his bag. 
"Huh you are not going to change".
Both of them were coming out of the school building when,"Lesan..Lina"Someone called them. 
When they turned around, they spotted their friend Dan sprinting towards them.
"So, how did today go?" Dan asked them. 
"Same, Lesan again out of class"Lina said. 
"And yours" Lesan asked him. 
On their way home, the three of them began walking.In the market,a woman collided with Dan, that woman was wearing very strange clothes and the star's tattoo was also visible under her eye.
She was holding a cloth bag in her hand, which she was holding with great care.
"I'm sorry"Dan said,but the woman only glared viciously at Dan and walked away.
"How rude" Lina said. 
"Let's go guys"Lesan said. 
When they were walking through the streets,then Lesan's gaze was drawn to the street just across from him;there were two people standing in the street who were a little taller than the average person, wore black clothing, and had their faces covered.Then one of them looked at Lesan, his eyes were red.Lesan quickly turned to Lina and Dan,both of them were talking amongst themselves about the science project.
"Dan.. Lina"
"What happened?"
"Look there"Pointing to that street he said. 
"Guys don't you see those people"his voice was trembling. 
"Who,there is no one around"Dan said. 
"What but"He looked at the street again, there was really no one there. 
"Who did you see?"Lina asked him. 
"Two odd individuals with crimson eyes" He said. 
"Huh, Lesan seriously, you should cut back on your fantasy book reading"Dan said. 
"But trust me,I saw them" He said. 
"It's your deception Lesan, let's go we are getting late" Lina said. He didn't say anything to any of them the entire time since he was preoccupied with those two mask men.
"Ok then see you guys tomorrow"They told each other after coming to their society. 
"Hey dear, so how was the day"Mrs Matins, a wonderful lady and a housewife, was the source of this voice.
"It was bizarre"he said. 
"Same answer as always, let's get fresh and come enjoy your lunch"she said. 
"Okay mom"He came to his room and started looking out the window.Were those two people really there or was it just his illusion but he could not forget those eyes. 
In a dimly lit room, three shadows could be seen. Two of them were bowing and one was shadow standing.
"My Lord, we didn't get her"one of those bowed men said in a deep voice. 
"Hmm"This voice was very cold. 
"And..and my Lord,we've been spotted by a human child."
"Fools,we have to complete this task without drawing attention to ourselves."
"We're sorry,my Lord... "
"No one else saw you except that kid"
"No my Lord,only a child"
"Ok find that child and keep a watch on him, and do the work for which both of you have been brought as soon as possible, or else you know what I'll do."
"Yes.. yes my Lord.... 

Binit kumar Singh

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Story about: angel, devil, suspence

Edited: 30.04.2022

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