Bringing Him Home


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As Elena Pratt stood in the elevator, waiting so she could finally pick up her resignation letter from Miss Walsh’s desk, it dawned on her that she had been deceiving herself for the past two weeks. She thought and felt she was ready to quit this torture she had no idea why people called, a job. It wasn’t because she was never going to get the chance to stare at her colleague, Douglas, as he went by his normal routine which she could say them in the blink of an eye or because she was going to miss the free lunch they had on weekdays except Mondays and Fridays. She wasn’t ready to go back to the time that she used to be running two shifts at the bar across the street where she lived. She wasn’t ready to go back to the time she used to force herself to stick to two meals per day so she could keep up with her daily needs like, changing her hair and paying her sister’s school fees; a job she was forced to take. She used to perch with an old friend who had no respect for privacy and personal spaces. She knew she had no right to complain since her friend’s dad was the one paying the bills in the house but, Elena was someone who valued these two things. She gets upset the moment she feels them drifting away from her. Fortunately for her, her best friend’s roommate had a scholarship abroad so Elena decided to move there till whenever she came back. Now the thought of the possibility of the girl coming back anytime soon sent shivers down her spine. Not only was she going to be jobless but homeless as well. 


Wow! That’s great. Freaking great! She thought to herself as she looked up to run her hands on her neck to find something to calm her down. 


Realizing that that gesture wasn’t helping, she looked down, dropped her hand and sighed.  
           “Calm down. We’re almost there.” The guy next to Elena said with a soothing smile on his lips as Elena looked at him with confusion written all over her face.  
           “I-I heard you sigh. I-I’m sorry. I might’ve mi-mistaken what you did for a sigh.” He stuttered to explain himself. Not wanting to make him any more embarrassed than he already was, she sent a smile his way. She was in no mood to talk or make friends. She felt she already knew how everything was going to roll out. He’d make some small talk with her, manage to take her number, they’d start texting all day, catch feelings few weeks later, become an official couple and then he’d cheat. A genuine smile crept its way to her mouth as she realized how she had ended the story with him cheating on her. Since she was still staring at the guy next to her, he also bought the smile because it looked genuine. The sound that gives a signal that an elevator has reached a destination finally was heard. Giving him a nod as if to signal that that was her cue to leave, Elena stepped out of the elevator.  


Looked like Prince Charming has somewhere else to be. She said to herself as she realized that the guy didn’t step out of the elevator with her.  


        “Miss Pratt.” A lady called and Elena looked around to find the direction in which the voice came from. Finding it, she took two deep breathes and made her way to the owner of the voice.  
        “Hello. Erm excuse me… My name is Elena Pratt and…” 
        “Oh right! You are the one who’s resigning today.” 
        “Yes please.” Elena confirmed with a smile on her face. She didn’t need a Psychology degree to know that the lady was dying to be in her shoes right that moment.


They are called balls, baby. You could grow some too. She silently added.  


        “Can I have my resignation letter, please?” Running out of patience, Elena asked.  
        “One moment.” The lady said and she picked up a phone call.  
Feeling bored, Elena decided to take one last look at the place she had been working for a year and a half now.  
         “Time flies so fast.” She thought to herself. Realizing that she was getting emotional, she cleared her throat and looked back at the lady.  
         “Yes please, Sir. I’ll send her over.” The lady said over the phone and ended the call.  
         “Miss Pratt, Mr Brown wants to see you in his office.” 
Elena stared at the lady with shock plastered on her face. She quickly did a double check on her surroundings. She might’ve slept and wandered off to dreamland as the lady kept talking to the caller. Realizing that that wasn’t the case, she pushed down the lump in her throat and uttered, 
         “ Sure.” 
Not only were her palms sweaty but her heart was pounding so hard in her chest. The lady was now giving her that pity look Elena have her minutes ago. 


How ironic! Elena scoffed.  


With two knocks on the hard wooden door, the lady pushed it open to reveal Mr Brown’s handsome figure. Miss Walsh was sitting in the opposite chair and it looked like they were reviewing some files. The only person who was fortunate to hear Mr Brown talk was Miss Walsh. Mr Brown did talk but they were usually one-word straight answers and that was only during their Board Meetings on Mondays. Apart from that, he was usually seen with a scowl or with no emotion on his face. How he managed to do the latter, baffled her.  
          “Sir, Miss Pratt is here.” The lady whom Elena still didn’t know her name said.


Well, I’m resigning today. I don’t think I’ll see her again. Elena thought to herself.  


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