Destined for 2 (2 Vampires, 1 Girl)




Destined for 2 is a paranormal romance featuring vampires and witches. It can also be said that it is an urban fantasy, given the setting will be taking place in California, USA. It follows a tragic love story, plus a love triangle between two vampire boys and a human girl.


If you're curious about what to come, then turn on the page to embark on this journey together with me. 


***ABOUT ME***


There is nothing much to say about me. But one thing that I want to specify is that I am NOT a native English speaker. Therefore, please forgive any mistakes or grammatical errors) if you happen to find them. 


I am not on social media 24/7, but I am quite active with Instagram. You can find me on: 


1. INSTAGRAM: @stellakmary

2. TWITTER: @stellakmary

3. FACEBOOK: Stella KMary (least online)



Thank you for choosing this story. I hope you have fun reading. 

Have a nice day, and take care. :) 


Edited: 25.11.2020

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