His Cure



"Sire, I think we should go back to the palace, you look really tired" Valdrin, a Knight who was the winter king's best friend, said to the king.
"No, Valdrin. I can't. Not yet. I feel like she's so close. I can feel it. I just need to find her" King Zeron replied, pushing his weak body forward.
Zylon, his other right hand man, heaved a sigh.
"You're pushing yourself too hard, my king" he said.
Zeron knew deep within him that his friends were right but he couldn't resist the urge to seek his cure.
He felt a sharp pain in his chest and he doubled over, coughing up blood.
"Sire, you should rest. The queen mother will be upset if she found out that you pushed yourself too hard" Valdrin said, helping the king to sit on a bench in an empty park.
Zeron's eyes and ears were alert. They were in the mortal world but they were invincible to humans. It was late at night, very close to midnight. Zeron didn't want today to be another disappointment. He wouldn't be able to stay in the mortal world when it clocks midnight. He closed his eyes, wrapping his black cloak around his shivering form.
He could feel the stares of his friends without looking at them. Pitiful stares.
He was so tired of being pitied. He was so tired of being such a helpless king. His people deserved a better king but here he was, he couldn't even walk a few distance without collapsing.
Suddenly, the air around him thickened. She was there. He could feel it. His cure....The woman he's been searching for, for five centuries. He stumbled to his feet, ignoring the protests coming from Valdrin and Zylon.
He walked out of the park, towards a desserted street. He could feel it in his bones. He was close. Very close.

Gritting his teeth, he moved further until he saw her.
Dressed in a brown leather jacket and a flowery dress with her wavy brown hair swaying in the breeze, she looked so beautiful. Her eyes were breathtaking. She was perfect. She took a step back, fear paralysing her as she stared at the cloaked figure. She couldn't see him clearly because it was really dark and his black cloak was hiding every inch of him but she could tell that he was tall. Really tall and muscular. The girl gasped, her eyes widening as she gazed at his strange colored eyes.
His eyes were Violet.
Were her eyes playing tricks on her?
"W-who are y-you?" She asked, her body shaking with fear.
He tilted his head, his eyes dimming. From nowhere, two other cloaked figures appeared. 
"S-stay away from me" she stuttered, moving backwards as they stepped closer to her.
They both grabbed her hands and she let out a scream. The last thing she saw were the haunting pair of Violet eyes.


Whitney Bridge

Edited: 23.02.2021

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