Months Alone

Chapter 1: 1 Years 2 Months 29


As Alec and I sat inside of our apartment building with two plates of baked beans and canned beef. I looked at our food and the room was lit by nothing but candles. I looked at Alec and he was eating slowly. I just stared at my food. “What’s wrong with it?” he asked me

“Nothing… it's just I’m thinking… when is help gonna come?” I asked and his usual smile turned into a frown. 


“I don't know if they are coming anymore.” he said pushing his chair to the blanket covered window and opening it slightly. I sat there as he kept staring out there.


“Is it quiet out there?” I asked as he gave me a nod. “Vincent, hand me those binoculars over there I see a light.” I quickly ran over to the shelf and grabbed them. I walked over to him and gave them to him. I then proceeded to blow out candles to keep from being seen just in case they have guns. 


My name is Vincent and Alec is my big brother. I am 11 years old and I never killed anything, not even the decayed. I sat down at the table and started to eat, Alec is my older brother, and he is 16 years old.. “What’s going on?” I asked soon i heard gunshots and then nothing. I just heard a sign. “It’s getting worse out there, but we can't just stay here.” Alec said, “They had guns and they got over run by decayed I will check them out first light. If you throw the poppers outside this time, and in the right direction.” he said as he opened a drawer full of small fireworks pulling out the poppers. 


“Go to bed I got it.” Alec said as I finished dinner and walked to the sleeping bag in the living room. I laid down and slowly I felt darkness cover me like a blanket, and soon I found myself asleep. 

Di Wey

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