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The great father

Chapter 1

• This is the story of a small city in India called Uttar Pradesh. Today we know 
• . There lived a farmer named Sundar from a poor family.  
• Due to high debt on his parents, both of them commit suicide and he is leftAfter the death of his parents, he became very sad and lonely and had another responsibility that he had to pay the debt owed to his parents.  
• But due to the heavy debt of the parents and due to loneliness, sometimes he was very sad and sometimes he started crying. But what would he do after all, because he was very innocent and sincere. Ho would do farming in a normal way and spend his normal life. But one day while he was doing farming, a beautiful girl was carrying a pot of water from his fields. Then she saw him. And the beautiful girl liked his mind and kept thinking about him all day and all night neither did he eat or drink anything. Just now and again his face was settled in his mind and he would smile. 


This sequence continued for the next three to 4 days

But one day that girl also saw him turning around and asked him why do you see me staring like this every day while leaving here? 

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Story about: sacrifice, daddy, this is story of great father

Edited: 23.11.2020

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