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Juggernaut and Tokage

Ivan Born

Classic short LitRPG. Story about the day they met. Jaggernaut, who start the new game, and Tokage who fight there for herself. Win the Tournament for me, - she asked him. Not so easy... ... more info

Story about: adventure, action, litrpg

Complete 30 pages
533 34 2

Rating: 0

#60 in Science fiction
#1 in LitRPG
#408 in Others
#123 in Humor


Colourland Series 7: Bear on Trial


The Bear on trial for the crimes that they committed in Colourland.... more info

Story about: action, criminal, trials

Ongoing: 13 Jan 30 pages
13 0 0

Rating: 0

#163 in Young adult
#630 in Fantasy


The Outlaw And Newcomer

Mysterieux Boy

The poison was an evil chemical weapon that can kill yourself. A mafia underboss, Noah, meets a beautiful bewitching intermediary. In the wake of that encounter, he finds that an unidentified "poisonous drug" that can kill a person with just a few drops is sold in the black market. The "poison" ... more info

Story about: action, suspence, action romance

Ongoing: 14 Feb 72 pages
330 5 0

Rating: 1

#265 in Thrillers & Suspense
#73 in Crime fiction
#31 in Science fiction


Colourland Series 7: End of the Series


Crayon and Challenger end up having a special fight to show how much they have grown, this is the end of the Colourland series.... more info

Story about: fiction, action, writing

Ongoing: 17 Feb 31 pages
3 0 0

Rating: 0

#400 in Fantasy
#131 in Young adult

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