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Envoy's Daughter


Envoy’s Daughter is a story about a family that moved to another planet. Mubarak was appointed an Envoy to Kadjar, representing the Emperor in this far away world. His family moved with him, and his children went to school there. Upon coming to school, the children discovered that for Kadjaris e... more info

Story about: teenromance, aliens

Ongoing: 16 Jan 129 pages
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Rating: 0

#202 in Young adult
#23 in Science fiction


Color Me

Didi Den

Didi a member of a secret government organization that protects humans from harmful aliens gets handed a serious task, the only thing that came to mind was to make sure everything went down perfectly. But when Jasper comes in earlier then expected after an accident with his younger sister, secrets ... more info

Story about: aliens, fatedlove, lies and secrets

Ongoing: 02 Jan 18 pages
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Rating: 1

#13 in Science fiction
#48 in Romance
#48 in Paranormal Romance

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