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Queen of His Heart

Khurshida Khushi

Zachary Sullivan He is rude, arrogant, dominating, heartless billionaire. People say he is cursed. They said is a devil that's moon goodness didn't bless him a mate. His soul mate. His dominating nature scared everyone. He loves to see fear in others eyes. He somehow accepted that he will never f... more info

Story about: beauty and the beast, a possessive vampire knig

Ongoing: 03 Mar 55 pages
16504 645 134

Rating: 198

#32 in Romance
#4 in Fantasy


Beautiful Beast

Anonymous Author

A Royal Werewolf family stays at the beautiful abandoned castle. No one really cares to pay attention to the ruined castle at the outskirts of their town, it is a rather scary-looking place at night and a pack of dangerous wild wolves has taken over the place. Well, that is what it appears to the h... more info

Story about: beauty and the beast, werewolf vampire hybrid, supernatural and romance

Ongoing: 04 Mar 25 pages
569 43 13

Rating: 17

#78 in Fantasy
#45 in Romantic fantasy
#24 in Mystery
#9 in Supernaturals


Poison Garden


In a world where the occult is strictly forbidden, a practicing witch is a rarity. While most in her order have let the art die, Doris Gibby is much too stubborn to put her gifts away on a shelf to gather dust. Granted, she isn't doing any real magic. Doris mainly uses her spells to do a little cook... more info

Story about: beauty and the beast, forbidden romance, witch and human

Ongoing: 05 Mar 58 pages
200 12 6

Rating: 5

#119 in Fantasy
#27 in Dark fantasy
#695 in Romance
#59 in Paranormal Romance



Elizabeth A

Taken back to the past through a spell book, Bridicata, to correct a love story which ended wrong. Dayo will have to possess an ancient true witch, Eldon se Krauss, to get his loved ones back. Eldon had fallen in love with a female human, princess Jendayi of Vican, during a period when humans hat... more info

Story about: witch in love with human, spell book and magic, beauty and the beast

Ongoing: 11 Feb 19 pages
890 7 3

Rating: 5

#229 in Fantasy
#118 in Romantic fantasy
#1042 in Romance
#100 in Paranormal Romance


Love in my Blood

Manthra Anil

"Remember I am your beast and you're my beauty" Michael always say this to Jennifer. As a vampire Michael was alive for 275 years, he was afraid to love someone until he meets Jennifer a 10 year old girl in the woods. After 10 years as Jennifer promised she was back as a beautiful woman but th... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, beauty and the beast, vampire and human romance

Ongoing: 30 Jan 6 pages
82 36 0

Rating: 4

#1516 in Romance
#267 in Paranormal Romance
#560 in Fantasy


Dragon Tamer

Trixie Lu Raz

After hundreds of years, the cursed lovers meet again but in different form they used to know each other. The goddess like girl Ibara, was reborn as a human child and a talented dragon tamer and his lover Yang was reborn as the replacement of the Dragon king. How can they remove the curse casted on ... more info

Story about: dragons, beauty and the beast, dragon in love with human

Ongoing: 15 Feb 14 pages
138 15 3

Rating: 0

#434 in Fantasy
#209 in Romantic fantasy

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