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Goodness Shadrach

Olivia Simon lost her twin brother, Oliver in a ghastly car accident. Down with heartbreak and loneliness, she ran away from home to her aunt Grace's in Australia. Crying and missing her brother, she decided to become him to ease her pain. Kane Boron, the heir to the MavinTech, known to be cold a... more info

Story about: romance, tomboy, deception

Ongoing: 14 Jul 165 pages
11676 668 186

Rating: 124

#32 in Romance
#6 in Romantic suspense




Deceit: the act of making a person believe something that is not true. 26 year old charming bachelor named Giovanni De Luca struggles to find true love due to people failing to see past his wealth and status, but what if all that disappeared in a blink of an eye. Rosalie Raveloson is a 19 ye... more info

Story about: deception

Ongoing: 12 Jun 7 pages
282 69 2

Rating: 6

#467 in Romance
#94 in Billionaires


The Punisher

Londa Cele

Zikhona Mguse is an ordinary man, who considers himself to be modern, lives a modern lifestyle and take risks. Risks that include Khensani, a reward constantly reminded by his left hand & her best friend Felica, a creature only God knows why she associates with. When our duo decides to make the mov... more info

Story about: marriage of convenience, deception, homophobia

Complete 39 pages
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Rating: 1

#66 in Contemporary fiction
#623 in Romance
#107 in Romantic suspense

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