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Sunset Glow: Ezekiel

JA Magno

Emma’s Brother had awakened from his slumber and trying to live a satisfactory life. As his days pass by, a mysterious mark of Lucifer appeared on his back at the night of no moon, finding out his fate and uncovering his feelings, proved to be more than what he bargained for. The great demon k... more info

Story about: forbidden love, romance fantasy, demonlove

Ongoing: 05 May 13 pages
75 15

Rating: 8

#1564 in Romance
#128 in Paranormal Romance
#349 in Fantasy
#169 in Romantic fantasy


Found You!


Valentin Sephirothe- He is the young demon prince who is destined to take over his father's throne. In order to do that he needs to prove his worth by dueling him to the death. He was once sent to the human realm to witness the wars and violence going on to get rid of all the unnecessary emotions he... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, demonlove, childhoodlove

Ongoing: 29 May 74 pages
254 8

Rating: 5

#198 in Mystery
#103 in Supernaturals
#1942 in Romance
#232 in Paranormal Romance

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