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Children of Pompona (lost Lamb)


Right after Queenie was brought in the Vin Serris mansion as an orphanage. Sister Martha, the nun who took Queenie and the others in to stop the slave auction, became ill and was needing priority because the day of her family to visit the mansion was near. Queenie's birthday was also near, but it di... more info

Story about: fiction, slavery, gods and goddesses

Ongoing: 24 Mar 49 pages
591 11 8

Rating: 2

#20 in Fantasy
#10 in Others


The Amateur Love Part 2: The Necessary Betray


THE AMATEUR LOVE PART – 2: THE NECESSARY BETRAY After having a fight with Somi, a year passed without her. Vishal was just getting used to living without her but suddenly one day she meets him, and that day everything just change. He spends some more happy days with her. But the change doesn’... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, fiction, teenfiction

Complete 29 pages
1318 26 4

Rating: 4

#461 in Romance
#78 in Romantic suspense
#115 in Mystery
#29 in Romantic mystery


Evacuate the city

Battlefield Rose

West African hidden tales coming your way. Sit, relax and enjoy.... more info

Story about: fiction, suspense, history

Complete 2 pages
376 5 3

Rating: 0

#190 in Thrillers & Suspense
#81 in Fanfiction


Mark Bearers

Galena Ice

Layla D'Moralie (De-mora-lie) and her friends are assigned their Final trip to the Forbidden Land Forest. After their Final test ceremony they will never be seen as citizens of the Forbidden Land, they'll be Mark Bearers for the rest of their lives and beyond. The trip is extremely dangerous, no one... more info

Story about: fiction, love triangle, youngadult

Ongoing: 12 Nov 13 pages
493 23 18

Rating: 6

#270 in Fantasy
#65 in Romantic fantasy
#22 in Action & Adventures


Come Back Home

Anis Ndayisaba

Jane and Peter grew up on the street, their mother passed away from HIV AIDS recently. Now they have been invited to live in a family, but their past life still haunts them. ... more info

Story about: fiction, short story, africa

Complete 12 pages
390 9 3

Rating: 0

#267 in Short stories
#158 in Thrillers & Suspense
#65 in Suspense

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