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Evacuate the city

Battlefield Rose

West African hidden tales coming your way. Sit, relax and enjoy.... more info

Story about: fiction, suspense, history

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#372 in Thrillers & Suspense
#117 in Fanfiction


The Amateur Love Part 2: The Necessary Betray


THE AMATEUR LOVE PART – 2: THE NECESSARY BETRAY After having a fight with Somi, a year passed without her. Vishal was just getting used to living without her but suddenly one day she meets him, and that day everything just change. He spends some more happy days with her. But the change doesn’... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, fiction, teenfiction

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Rating: 9

#1631 in Romance
#239 in Romantic suspense
#276 in Mystery
#69 in Romantic mystery


The Three Little Wolves

Samson Lawler

After informing their father that none of the three little wolves has any intentions of following in their father’s footsteps, by taking over the family business, the Three Little Wolves, with the encouragement of their parents, leave the comfort of home to make their ways in the world. Before lon... more info

Story about: humor, parody, fiction

Ongoing: 04 Aug 8 pages
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#65 in Short stories
#106 in Others
#40 in Humor


A Glimpse Of Something Romantic


Have you ever thought of falling in love just like how people do in a romantic film? Everything seems to be perfect and ended happily. For Isabella, it is a dream come true to find your prince charming or your knight in shining armor but she knows that there's no man in this world that exists like t... more info

Story about: romance, fiction, love.

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#694 in Romance
#23 in Historical Romance


Come Back Home

Anis Ndayisaba

Jane and Peter grew up on the street, their mother passed away from HIV AIDS recently. Now they have been invited to live in a family, but their past life still haunts them. ... more info

Story about: fiction, short story, africa

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#372 in Short stories
#341 in Thrillers & Suspense
#146 in Suspense


Beautiful Death


It's a story about a secret weapon made by a mystery sect ... more info

Story about: mysterious, mystery and fantasy, fiction

Ongoing: 13 Aug 5 pages
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Rating: 1

#236 in Fantasy
#137 in Mystery
#71 in Supernaturals


My Heartless Husband


Could she survive her bosses attitude? or will ended up... marrying him? perhaps?... stay tuned and read my story! iloveyouall and keepsafe!... more info

Story about: fiction, romance

Ongoing: 19 Sep 1 pages
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#712 in Romance
#310 in Billionaires

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