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Sheer Coincidence (a Nigerian And Indian Love story)

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu

An unexpected lie that becomes a reality. A never planned scenario that turns out to be a harsh fact. It was meant to end in 3 months. A 3 months contract that becomes an unbreakable bond for a lifetime. It was a lie. It was scripted. It was a tale to divert his parent's attention but it became the ... more info

Story about: urban life, love after marriage, love and friendship

Ongoing: 26 Jun 115 pages
2015 113

Rating: 16

#6 in Contemporary fiction
#6 in Urban life
#125 in Romance
#125 in Billionaires


My Possessive Husband

S Jan

This story based on a Muslim Couple A story of two strangers ❤❤❤❤ From two different worlds With opposite personalities Journey of a man who never care about anyone but soon he will become a possessive husband ?? Let see how will they meet........ more info

Story about: love and friendship, love and death, husband wife love

Complete 57 pages
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Rating: 110

#331 in Romance
#331 in Billionaires


Fallen Unknowingly.


This is story of a guy who is perfect in every manner. He left India and circumstances drew him back at the a of 24. He wants to fix everything back to normal in his best friend life. But things go worse day by day. He meets a girl in wrong circumstances…, even though unknowingly they bond to do s... more info

Story about: love and friendship, romance suspence, family secrets

Complete 643 pages
32897 633

Rating: 41

#2811 in Romance
#2811 in Billionaires


Expected Love

Curious words

Richard and Giulia had always been together, right from their 5 years old selves met for the first time. They were stuck together through orphanage, school, and college. Through every hardship and through every celebration, being each other's support. Everyone expected them to in love, childhood ... more info

Story about: love, love and friendship, love romance

Ongoing: 09 Jun 50 pages
3933 182

Rating: 25

#482 in Romance
#482 in Contemporary Romance

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