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Bad Liar


Billie Dupree is desperate to save her father's business. Quentin Harrison believes he has the solution, but can she trust the son of the man who is trying to destroy her father’s billion-dollar company? Billie is a walking contradiction, and it’s driving Quentin mad. She seems so self-assur... more info

Story about: romantic love, billionareromance, love and hope

Complete 222 pages
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Rating: 181

#349 in Romance
#83 in Contemporary Romance
#176 in Billionaires



Conie Reigh

Amoura is a human, but being Moonkissed made her more than that. Mated to the second last living descendant of the Originals, one of Five Alphas that had been the first of the werewolf specie, it's not a surprise that fate had their tale, A mayhem written in stone. She was found by Maximus wh... more info

Story about: action romance, love and hope, werewolf and human mates

Complete 187 pages
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Rating: 5

#104 in Fantasy
#56 in Romantic fantasy
#62 in Mystery
#28 in Supernaturals


The Girl in the Snow

Rubia Ali

Sarah had a terrible incident at her birthday last year. This year isn't any better. She has to look for a girl. A girl, Kevin (Sarah’s best friend) saw some where in the snow and fell for her. By the way Sarah loves you see... Determined to help Kevin, she puts on a fake smile an... more info

Story about: love and hope, love and past, love friendship and heartbreak

Complete 15 pages
260 6

Rating: 2

#121 in Short stories
#156 in Contemporary fiction


Words Not Required

Sanobar N

There are many people who can understand our words. However, there are only a few people who can understand our silence. What will happen when a complete stranger walks into Jason's life and reintroduces him to himself? Will Jason be able to find himself again?... more info

Story about: disability, love and hope, love and destiny

Complete 165 pages
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Rating: 32

#2575 in Romance
#489 in Contemporary Romance
#211 in Others

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