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If Wishes Were Kisses

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

It was the last year of college and Ryker Pierce could safely say he had an awesome year. His hot looks were almost illegal and he was born into wealth. His grades were more than great, he was a star athlete and had more than his share of beautiful girls on campus. Went through them like a pack of c... more info

Story about: holiday, college romance, opposites attract

Ongoing: 25 Feb 134 pages
9951 374 40

Rating: 43

#119 in Romance
#6 in New Adult & College
#15 in Romantic suspense


A Sucker for You


[A booknet exclusive] Kamil, a vampire heiress, ran away from home and joined a nightclub as a stripper. To quench her thirst, she lured men into letting her have a taste of their blood. But one CEO rejects her advances. Humiliated, she sets out for a new goal: seduce him into submission. ... more info

Story about: opposites attract, ceo billionaire, vampire human romance

Ongoing: 21 Feb 34 pages
335 44 2

Rating: 4

#503 in Romance
#29 in Paranormal Romance
#70 in Fantasy
#3 in Urban fantasy


The Weird Girl And The Caring Boy

Constance Marounta

Cordelia is the school's weirdo that nobody seems to care about. What happens when Jamie is forced to care about the girl with the unusual name?... more info

Story about: humor romance and comedy, love and friendship, opposites attract

Ongoing: 13 Feb 33 pages
808 98 4

Rating: 10

#611 in Romance
#44 in Young adult


Next-Door Love Affair


It has been said that romance can happen anytime, anywhere with the right person meant for you. Who would have thought that all this time, your destined person is just next-door? What happens when two stubborn hot-heads collide? An exchange of rated XXX letters and a whole lot of chaos!... more info

Story about: enemiestolovers, romcom, opposites attract

Ongoing: 16 Jan 17 pages
425 38 0

Rating: 2

#1550 in Romance
#78 in LGBT
#248 in Contemporary Romance

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