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Love Profession and Emotions


It's a cute-romantic love story of two medicos. A postgraduate, Dr. Ishika Mishra, and her senior surgeon, Dr. Ishaan Sharma. She is irritating. She is annoying. She is loving. She is jovial. And a light to his dark life. He is hard-hearted. He is a mystery to himself. She is his reason to smile, l... more info

Story about: medical romance, cute love, romance action humour

Ongoing: 25 Sep 156 pages
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Rating: 33

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The chasm of desire

Farzana Tutul

(Read at your own risk . I have tried to write a fun story with a hint of sci fi. It creates confusion as it deals with multiple worlds. ) In order to win you, I will break you in such way that no one can heal you ,Except me." he said pushing me against the wall and dangerously leaned towards m... more info

Story about: love hate, love and suspense, romance action humour

Complete 127 pages
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Rating: 22

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