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My Blood Thirst Saviour

Qurat Ul Ain Shahzad

Haider Ali Shah, founder of the most feared gang in underworld, "Hunting Scorpians" was actually a handsome billionaire for the world outside.He was the unsolved mystery, who came from an unknown world to rule over middle class rascals. He had nothing to loose and so nobody could find his weakness w... more info

Story about: thrill and revenge, romance action, murder and mystery

Ongoing: 20 Sep 60 pages
1233 135

Rating: 31

#776 in Romance
#128 in Romantic suspense
#64 in Thrillers & Suspense
#8 in Action thriller



Salma khaled

Lorenzo Alistair the richest and the most handsome bachelor fell in love with Lyra an orphan who worked at a cafe at first sight. He wanted her, He would do anything to have her. Read on to know about Lorenzo and Lyra love story and other mysteries which unfold.... more info

Story about: true love never end, romance action, violence and pain

Ongoing: 09 Aug 6 pages
186 51

Rating: 5

#1502 in Romance
#639 in Billionaires
#224 in Romantic suspense

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