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Love Hunt

S S Katri

Jade, a professional dance choreographer finds a decades old letter in her grandmother chicken coop. Yet, whats more unusual is that the letter in name was addressed to her mother, Emberlynn from Austin, whomever he may be. Having not visited her grandparents place for ages, Jade is bored out of her... more info

Story about: small town romance, romantic love letters and happy ending, love at first sight to forevers

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Rating: 5

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The House At Sailor's Bay

Cherie Mitchell

Libby Jones has had enough of a life filled with cheating men, had enough of her dismal 9-5 job, and had more than enough of her mother's Sunday luncheons where the top item on the menu is recycled gossip. Unsure of where to turn to find her way out of a life she no longer wants and about to inv... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, romance, small town romance

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Rating: 40

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#1411 in Contemporary Romance
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