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You Still Shine In My Heart

A C Chen

It tells love story about very popular idol with very handsome face and billionaire named Chris Williams and a normal every day yet beautiful girl named Hailey Woods. What will happen when their paths collided in unusual way? There are so many butterflies yet to feel, so many emotions yet to... more info

Story about: billionaire, sweet romance, a contract

Ongoing: 24 Jul 17 pages
538 58

Rating: 4

#438 in Romance
#234 in Billionaires
#23 in Young adult

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A Night with the Celebrity

Jan Garnet

Ryo Matsuda is the Prince of the Entertainment business but he is fed up with love. He always finds himself in a relationship where he was either just seen as a tool to enter the show business or as a living ATM. Liz Ross is a young passionate pastry chef. Her love life is nowhere close to the swe... more info

Story about: love at first sight, celebrity and ordinary girl, sweet romance

Ongoing: 23 Jul 138 pages
11774 222

Rating: 43

#667 in Romance
#156 in Contemporary Romance


Sweet Life (sequel of His Sexy Lady)

Chalista Saquile

This is a sequel of the story "His Sexy Lady". For new readers please read "His Sexy Lady" first before reading this story. Happy reading... more info

Story about: sweet love, sweet romance, sweet revenge

Complete 95 pages
1060 82

Rating: 3

#854 in Romance
#198 in Contemporary Romance
#424 in Billionaires


His Forgotten Love

Teniccia Ray

An accidental meeting had their hearts running. Shailene is stuck at a hospital. Her father was supposed to pick her, but it's dark now, and he hasn't arrived yet. Ryan has come at the hospital for his regular treatment. He finds about her problem and offers to help. How this good deed o... more info

Story about: heartbreak, sweet romance, separation

Complete 33 pages
7056 169

Rating: 43

#225 in Short stories
#537 in Young adult

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