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Pale Heart- Collection of Poems

Oajaswini S

These poems are one of the first few poems that I have ever written. They range from friendship to heartbreak to love. Have fun reading them. Comment and let me know feedback so I can keep writing.... more info

Story about: this book is all my poetry written, this book is about a love story, this book is centered on human feelings

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By the light of the Blood Red Moon: Bonded

Lady Kayla May Boulton

This is a tale of a love so dark in creation, by the light of the Blood Red Moon. The werewolf history books on the topic states, their love can only end in disaster. What a fate for young love and two that do truely love each other deeply. Can they make it? Is their bond strong enough to last a... more info

Story about: moon, this book is about a love story, this is dark love

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