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Let me Hate you


Ever wonder how your supposed best day of life will turn into a lifelong nightmare. Two people, two different worlds yet bound by the same emotion, "HATE" and "same loved ones". Marriage is intended to be an eternal bond filled with love and happiness. This was far from the truth for Asmaira and Ama... more info

Story about: forcedmarriage, hate to love, cold hearted billionaire

Complete 144 pages
502431 6739

Rating: 1575

#66 in Romance
#41 in Billionaires
#9 in Romantic suspense


The Pack Doctor

Constance Marounta

Max Kinsky is 18 training to succeed his father as the pack doctor. In contrast to his cousin and best friend,Patrick -the soon to be Alpha- he is no looking forward to a mate. Knowing his ageing process is slower and his life expectancy is much greater than that of normal humans he is not eager to ... more info

Story about: love, werewolf, soulmate

Ongoing: 25 Jul 275 pages
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Rating: 177

#5 in Fantasy
#68 in Romance
#1 in Paranormal Romance


His Triantafyllo


Scarlett Williams was a normal college going girl and Xander Knight was the cold, ruthless billionaire. She married him just because of a promise she made to someone and he married her because his mother wanted him to. They both were not ready for this marriage. What happens when Scarlett decides... more info

Story about: firstlove, arraged marraige, billionaire romance billionaire passion

Ongoing: 28 Jul 111 pages
8208 321

Rating: 57

#70 in Romance
#10 in Romantic suspense
#44 in Billionaires


A Night With The Billionaire

Monic Tony

Meet Lorena Williams, a college dropout but a hard-working woman. She loves reading her novels; her way to escape her reality. She's in love with the mere thought of love itself and hopes that one day, she will be swept off her feet. What happens when handsome billionaire, Benjamin Harrison liter... more info

Story about: love, romance, billionaire

Ongoing: 26 Jul 41 pages
9613 591

Rating: 60

#71 in Romance
#45 in Billionaires


The Criminal's Rose

Varshitha Kancharla

“Mich... Michael! No, this is not right. Go away.” Rose shook her head while stepping back. Ignoring her words, Michael walked forward till he caged Rose between the wall and his hard body. “Mich...” Rose tried to say something but Michael put his finger on Rose's lips stopping her from ... more info

Story about: gangs, tattoed handsome goodness, crime and romance

Ongoing: 27 Jul 73 pages
10398 504

Rating: 131

#75 in Romance
#11 in Romantic suspense


My Brother's Keeper

Payal Mandal

"Don't you dare to touch me." "Oh Really? Why would I listen to you? You are my wife, I can touch you wherever I want" Lucian Frederick, an Australian mafia who is obsessed over a young and beautiful Nina Walker so much that he ends up abducting and marrying her. Soon his obsession develops int... more info

Story about: forbidden love, mafia, love and hate

Complete 242 pages
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Rating: 279

#5 in Contemporary fiction
#3 in ChickLit
#77 in Romance
#23 in Contemporary Romance

2.99 USD

Captured - The Royal Romance

Shruti Omar

The journey to home has proved far from comforting to Matsyaa. Her beliefs are crushed. Her hopes are shattered and her family that she has loved more than her life has turned into a strange mystery of complications. So many minds. So many ploys. Nothing heard is true and nothing seen is right. A me... more info

Story about: hate to love, royal family, secrets from the past

Ongoing: 27 Jul 160 pages
36630 827

Rating: 405

#78 in Romance
#48 in Billionaires
#12 in Romantic suspense

2.99 USD

Bound by Vows

Khurshida Khushi

Demon Knight An arrogant Businessman. He is ruthless, dominating, dreading also handsome.He never takes no in answer. Born to win. Love and marriage the words doesn't exist in his dictionary. He hates lie and cheater. But once he was a price charming but when his wife abandoned his child on the day... more info

Story about: heartless billionaire, possessive billionaire

Ongoing: 28 Jul 126 pages
31668 1197

Rating: 221

#81 in Romance
#5 in New Adult & College

1.49 USD

My Cruel World

Maha Noor Malik

Caroline is a woman who is always abused by her father. One day when her father was abusing her on the streets Alexander, a billionaire, rescues her. He takes care of her and makes him her wife but he never shares the same room with her. But despite that she falls in love with him. Caroline finds... more info

Story about: tragedy, sad love , happy ending

Complete 209 pages
165126 1061

Rating: 205

#82 in Romance
#51 in Billionaires
#6 in Fantasy


Paid To Be Mrs. Black


Being the firstborn of a Chicago farmer is not easy when you think of the heartache and struggle one has to go through. Mary was the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Becky Johnson, a devoted Christians who place value on all things; diligent, and hard-working farmers. They owned a small cottage and a pie... more info

Story about: strong female lead, contractmarriage, poor girl and millionaire man

Ongoing: 28 Jul 44 pages
7384 512

Rating: 62

#85 in Romance
#54 in Billionaires



Payal Mandal

Rukhsar- The son of a poor security guard fell in love with her at the age of 18. But she ended up falling in love and marrying a billionaire at the age of 25.... more info

Story about: love, rags to riches, life of poverty

Complete 202 pages
20831 407

Rating: 135

#7 in Contemporary fiction
#2 in Urban life
#4 in Young adult


My contracted principal wife


Ms. Bettina Catalina Aragon Zuarez, the not so new principal in Blues High. Akiro Elle Devain, the billionaire in the city-- I mean one of the famous bachelor in the country. Jaydee Alec Devain the mischief in Blues High, connected the world of the strict principal and the devil billionaire. How di... more info

Story about: falling inlove with the billionaire.

Ongoing: 29 Jul 255 pages
44203 859

Rating: 152

#88 in Romance
#56 in Billionaires


Her Innocent Heart

FantasyWorld (MissCutie)

What will happen when two totally different personality two different sides of coin will be bound in sacred bond of marriage? They both were forced in this Arranged marriage by their parents , while for her she fell in love with him in first sight unlike him . For him this marriage was nothing but ... more info

Story about: love hate and misunderstanding, innocent and heartbreak, military man and hair stylist

Complete 345 pages
77119 779

Rating: 191

#89 in Romance
#24 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Action & Adventures
#1 in Military



Jules Lamptey

Liana who never met her parents have been living in mystery until she met business mogul Pharrell on his business trip to Spain. He made her fall in love with him making her believe that he will take her to USA and make her life better. He left at the end of his three months trip without saying a wo... more info

Story about: love, love betrayal, naive girl

Ongoing: 25 Jul 98 pages
22834 758

Rating: 105

#92 in Romance
#59 in Billionaires


I am black

Vidya nayak

Girls don't choose their groom. It is the sentence the girls often listen. Palavi reddy a 22 y/o girl, is a brilliant student , a great artist and a graceful dancer.She never knew what failure was. But right now she was going through a tough phase as her amma , abba were looking for a groom . But ev... more info

Story about: forcedmarrige, female desires, expectations

Ongoing: 29 Jul 67 pages
7458 314

Rating: 77

#94 in Romance
#61 in Billionaires


His Love

Nikita Sarkar

Ishita a college student also a simple girl who has a simple middle class family but they are happy,on her first day of college she came across with Rihan who falls in love but he doesn't know how to get her attention so he bullied her without knowing that instead of loving him she can hate him for... more info

Story about: billionaire, happy ending, forcedlove

Ongoing: 29 Jul 73 pages
9893 372

Rating: 73

#93 in Romance
#60 in Billionaires
#5 in Young adult
#1 in School


Forbidden Love

Kiran Sahani

Roselyn Carter whose life was so cheerful as a normal girl until one accident which changes her life completely. Meet Sebastian Orlando, a prince of Mandonia kingdom who came back to his home after 20 years only to be shocked by his father's words. Let's see what happens when they meet each oth... more info

Story about: royal romance prince and a normal girl

Ongoing: 29 Jul 70 pages
8755 452

Rating: 62

#98 in Romance
#27 in Contemporary Romance
#7 in Fantasy
#2 in Romantic fantasy


The Knight And His Precious

Shrishtee Suman

In the third book of my novel series, "5 Ace", I present in front of you all a tale of a Knight and his Precious. ****** He knew she was special, the moment he laid his eyes on her. Her baby-blue eyes had him captivated and he forgot everything else. She became his precious and for her, he was her... more info

Story about: first love, humor romance and comedy, childhood love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 10 pages
1319 166

Rating: 56

#6 in Young adult
#99 in Romance

1.99 USD

Affair With The Married Ceo

Barnali Bhuiya

"I'm married.", The man who was standing infront of Calista in his black suit said so while holding her hand, trying to stop her. "I don't care... It's going to be an one night stand only. All you need to do is to sleep with me, just accompany me for tonight...", She was mumbling again, being all d... more info

Story about: forbidden love, possessive male lead, romance with a married ceo

Ongoing: 26 Jul 121 pages
30180 702

Rating: 148

#106 in Romance
#4 in Mystery
#3 in Romantic mystery


Nerd's Secret Life


Aurora Michael, School's Nerd with Honey color and Golden shade eyes which are always under the big round glasses, blonde waist length hair with baggy clothes which covers her perfect body. She seem so pure and Innocent with all good grades..... Is she Innocent...???? Is there any face hidden undern... more info

Story about: bad boy, younglove, mystery fighter

Ongoing: 26 Jul 41 pages
4774 295

Rating: 59

#5 in Mystery
#7 in Young adult

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