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Nelson Preston


My new neighbor comes and it happens we attend the same school. So I am like her guide... more info

Story about: bullying

Ongoing: 15 Nov 1 pages
26 2 0

Rating: 0

#56 in Short stories


Sweet Nightmare

ryumi shihara

Dystopia was destructed. But an end can also be a good start. Slowly but surely, Dystopia managed to recover. There are six towns but only one was left standing. Out of the blue, two stories were rapidly unwinding. Mysteries start to unfold. Yet as they say, things are left history. Welcome to the d... more info

Story about: firstlove, childhood memories

Ongoing: 30 Oct 47 pages
332 6 0

Rating: 3

#157 in Young adult
#3 in Dystopia
#1627 in Romance


A Summer with the Dayton brothers

Mushabe Melisa

Amelia wanted t have the best summer before her college. but things took a twist where she now has to spend it with the Dayton brothers. There are a lot of things she didn't expect would happen and that included falling in love with one of them.... more info

Story about: vacation, badboy, enemies to lovers

Ongoing: 09 Nov 13 pages
237 33 3

Rating: 4

#1255 in Romance
#119 in New Adult & College
#76 in Others
#27 in Humor


The Ten Desired Flaws

David R. Quigley

A book describing why there are ten deadly sins, ten virtues, and ten commandments. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: sin, bible, religion

Complete 3 pages
153 7 0

Rating: 0

#283 in Mystery
#127 in Supernaturals


Purple you


What can you do if your best friend prapose you and you don't have any choice you can't even say yes or no , if you say yes then he will die and if you say no then you will die ..... I wish you all like this book thanks for choosing my book to read . Just imagine this character of book is you a... more info

Story about: hatred to love and big mystery

Ongoing: 12 Nov 17 pages
960 109 22

Rating: 9

#2543 in Romance
#232 in New Adult & College


The Fall

Brad Emshwiller

Bennet ruminates on recent loss and reflects on the seasons of his life. Searching for closure in familiar acts and relics. ... more info

Story about: life and loss

Complete 4 pages
730 13 6

Rating: 9

#250 in Contemporary fiction
#477 in Others


Remnant Coil

David R. Quigley

A compilation of talk about the nothing everything began from, creational magic, our outer space, and our two oldest parents early life. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: god, bible, religion

Complete 5 pages
149 4 0

Rating: 0

#282 in Mystery
#126 in Supernaturals


Arx's Re:life Side Chapter: Trolling Arx


This is just a side short chapter about Arx's senior who will be visiting him after a while. Do note that this is non-canon to the main story and involves Arx's marriage with both Belfast and Warspite. Enjoy~... more info

Story about: shipgirl, comedy

Complete 5 pages
94 9 1

Rating: 2

#57 in Fanfiction
#12 in Anime Fanfiction


Entangled love


A bride maids, Ruby Ann Carpio was a future fashion designer. Want's to be successful and build her own business, and when everything is fine with her career that's when she will marry someone. Someone who will love her with all his heart. Who'll fight for their relationship. One of the groomsmen... more info

Story about: relationship, lovetriangle, billionaire series

Ongoing: 12 Oct 40 pages
288 30 0

Rating: 4

#1940 in Romance
#179 in New Adult & College
#272 in Romantic suspense


Forbidden (completed)

Glizer Joy Cabilao Monquil

Came from different race, came from different place, a story of a goddess and a demon, the forbidden, love.... more info

Story about: fantasy, tragic love story

Ongoing: 23 Oct 3 pages
136 25 0

Rating: 2

#256 in Fantasy
#23 in Fanfiction


Lost In Faith

Marilyn Lucero

When things all go wrong and you think all hope is gone, you tend to do things on your own. Yet, these things may sometimes drag you to your own downfall, if not for God's saving grace. ... more info

Story about: a hope one could ever least expect

Complete 5 pages
1013 23 23

Rating: 15

#417 in Short stories


Hold my hand tightly

Aishu Darling

Amy is a 22 year old introvert girl . But there's something interesting about her that she hides though she looks so nerdy . It doesn't seems like that is she hiding something . Yes! Amy is not a normal girl she can see and use and talk to supernatural ghost and spirits . Yes that's true she is bles... more info

Story about: a girl with mysterious fate, a love story, a girl who cant give up

Ongoing: 20 Nov 10 pages
64 11 2

Rating: 1

#1354 in Romance
#206 in Romantic suspense
#713 in Billionaires


Yearning light

Michael A. Romain

A short story about infinity. Taking place in the far future where a space station orbiting our last star. ... more info

Story about: a story about love

Complete 2 pages
142 3 1

Rating: 1

#36 in Science fiction
#255 in Thrillers & Suspense


The Abstruse Lady


Chienna is a first-year college Accountancy student. Living a literal school-home daily routine. She's so serious with regards to her studies having no more time left for her social life. Until one day, she met this cocky guy Jack and her silent world went upside-down. What do you think will happen ... more info

Story about: romance, college life, romance love

Ongoing: 05 Nov 3 pages
73 15 2

Rating: 3

#1353 in Romance
#129 in New Adult & College
#127 in Young adult
#74 in School


The Punisher

Londa Cele

Zikhona Mguse is an ordinary man, who considers himself to be modern, lives a modern lifestyle and take risks. Risks that include Khensani, a reward constantly reminded by his left hand & her best friend Felica, a creature only God knows why she associates with. When our duo decides to make the mov... more info

Story about: marriage of convenience, deception, homophobia

Complete 39 pages
1060 78 0

Rating: 2

#171 in Contemporary fiction
#2876 in Romance
#409 in Romantic suspense


Her Mystery Guy


How the tables have turned... Tempting the rich badgirl has never been so easy yet so hard. ... When young Jaden wakes up one morning and finally gains the courage to walk up to his crush, he's brutally sabotaged from the social aspects of his life. Now, later, he still has his friends, a loving ... more info

Story about: bad girl good boy, mystery guy, heroes

Ongoing: 24 Nov 6 pages
49 5 0

Rating: 0

#153 in Fantasy
#1052 in Romance


Once again in time


Alisha is a girl whose mind can't be swayed by any feeling but She was hinding a secret. Running away from her past in hope to not meet that person again but what the future beholds her is something we can't imagine. ... more info

Story about: gender bender, possession, femaleprotaganist

Ongoing: 27 Nov 1 pages
15 2 0

Rating: 0

#102 in Thrillers & Suspense
#20 in Action thriller
#1013 in Romance
#150 in Romantic suspense




Ivy always saw the world through metaphors. Today was no different.... more info

Story about: summer, teenfiction, water

Complete 3 pages
1291 67 2

Rating: 2

#3496 in Romance
#364 in New Adult & College
#448 in Short stories

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