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The Werewolves Of Iddris


With the battle line once again drawn between the Werewolves and Witches of Iddris, a chaos not seen in over a century brews, and there is no worst time to have a witch for a mate; one of the most powerful ones no less.... more info

Story about: love, witches, werewolves

Ongoing: 30 Jun 23 pages
139 7

Rating: 4

#157 in Fantasy
#85 in Romantic fantasy

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The Widower's New Bride

Margaret Chinaza

Eliot Clement was devasted when his wife dies two days after birthing their son. Still mourning and grieving for her death, he frowns on the request of his parent to remarry just after one month of her death. But his resolve not to marry again doesn't last so long because he can't deny his young son... more info

Story about: billionaire, widower, child

Ongoing: 29 Jun 244 pages
49047 769

Rating: 291

#45 in Romance
#24 in Billionaires



Rachel WesternWind

Ana has done it, she's left for the Middle East and after landing in the desert she is having second thoughts, that is until she met Staff Sgt. Cor'elette. Things begin to get a bit more complicated as she attempts to follow orders and administer to those who are caught up in the turbulence of war.... more info

Story about: family and relationships, military lifestyles, romance drama

Complete 1480 pages
878 21

Rating: 4

#5 in Action & Adventures
#1 in Military
#86 in Thrillers & Suspense
#10 in Action thriller


The Fame Game

Miss Asten

Amber and Jonas are enjoying their luxury lifestyle, when a phone call changes everything. Jonas is asked to host a charity telethon, which he accepts, after some persuasion. Amber is immensely excited to have Jonas back in the limelight again. But Jonas' ex Rachel wants him back, and after stalking... more info

Story about: celebrity, celebrity and ordinary girl, fandom

Complete 14 pages
5 1

Rating: 0

#100 in Young adult
#1439 in Romance

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The Alpha's Chosen Breeder is a Zeta

Yhen Amor

She is a Zeta, a bright and brave one. Unfortunately, life befell her when her fate led her to be the chosen Alpha's Breeder. She needs to breed pups for mateless Alphas, or whose Lunas have no capacity to bear a child. Brave as she is, she escaped before her first night of being an Alpha’s br... more info

Story about: werewolf, escape from fate, alphas breeder

Ongoing: 29 Jun 174 pages
20153 344

Rating: 108

#158 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance
#20 in Fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy


Mafia King's Baby Doll

Tatum Whispers

Lexi Rose left home at a very tender age with aspirations to make it big in the City. With a family that has shunned her, she navigates her way through life looking for that one thing she lacks—the perfect man on her side. Lucas Lucero is a ruthless Mafia Boss. With a rather bad reputation on his... more info

Story about: mafia, mafia king, mafia princess

Ongoing: 29 Jun 153 pages
4244 230

Rating: 24

#164 in Romance
#23 in Romantic suspense


My werewolf


stories about the bound mates that are trying to reunite regardless of any obstacles and enemy to turn them into slave... more info

Story about: romance life, sadness, romance action mystery

Ongoing: 29 Jun 2 pages
1 1

Rating: 1

#1349 in Romance
#117 in Mystery


Star Struck

Miss Asten

Amber Williams is enjoying being the girlfriend of a superstar. She feels she'll never get used to the ups and downs of fame. But it seems that Jonas has had enough of it, and makes plans to retire. Amber tries to convince Jonas to rethink his plans. Will she succeed?... more info

Story about: celebrity obsession, celebrity and ordinary girl

Complete 16 pages
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Rating: 0

#101 in Young adult
#1441 in Romance

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Alpha's Lethal Love

Payal Mandal

Maya had spent her entire life fighting a battle with her inner conscious that troubled her a lot. While finding a permanent solution to this agony, she met Kaiser and fell in love with him. But she had no idea that Kaiser was a werewolf, something, she never believed existed. While Kaiser had no i... more info

Story about: bound by the moon, werewolf mystery, love and destiny

Ongoing: 29 Jun 142 pages
9003 449

Rating: 107

#77 in Romance
#1 in Paranormal Romance
#5 in Mystery
#2 in Supernaturals


Love Hunt

S S Katri

Jade, a professional dance choreographer finds a decades old letter in her grandmother chicken coop. Yet, whats more unusual is that the letter in name was addressed to her mother, Emberlynn from Austin, whomever he may be. Having not visited her grandparents place for ages, Jade is bored out of her... more info

Story about: romantic love letters and happy ending, small town romance, love at first sight to forevers

Ongoing: 29 Jun 5 pages
7 2

Rating: 0

#849 in Romance
#13 in Others
#13 in Humor


His Blind Beauty


In an instant she was slammed onto the locker and he held her shoulders tightly. She whimpered in pain. "Open your eyes" He spoke sternly. She knew to better not deny him so she opened her eyes slowly though even after opening her eyes she was met with darkness. "Please let me go"she begged he... more info

Story about: blind girl, hatetolove, possesive billionaire

Ongoing: 29 Jun 103 pages
76903 1685

Rating: 580

#109 in Romance
#1 in New Adult & College


My contracted principal wife


Ms. Bettina Catalina Aragon Zuarez, the not so new principal in Blues High. Akiro Elle Devain, the billionaire in the city-- I mean one of the famous bachelor in the country. Jaydee Alec Devain the mischief in Blues High, connected the world of the strict principal and the devil billionaire. How di... more info

Story about: falling inlove with the billionaire.

Ongoing: 29 Jun 457 pages
113571 1512

Rating: 280

#89 in Romance
#45 in Billionaires


Eternal Obsession

Failia Baighaan

It is neither love nor lust. It was nothing but an Obsession. And I am nothing but his Eternal Obsession *** Violet Cadhill, A normal girl, enjoying her life and doing a simple job at the bakery with the dream of opening her own one day. Being a painfully oblivious girl, she couldn't notice the desp... more info

Story about: obsession, forcedmarriage, dark romance

Ongoing: 29 Jun 5 pages
69 48

Rating: 10

#188 in Romance
#97 in Billionaires


Love is blind, or Beware the rejected witch!

Nata Shevtsova

Cassidy Kolding without any hesitation will risk her life (and not only her own) for the sake of justice or to protect those who cannot or do not want to defend themselves. She will even take on the seemingly impossible and ungrateful task to punish the incorrigible womaniser who has broken hundre... more info

Story about: love friendship and heartbreak, academy of magic, professor and student

Ongoing: 29 Jun 57 pages
714 122

Rating: 48

#91 in Fantasy
#50 in Romantic fantasy
#38 in Young adult


Moonlight's Kiss

Joanita Theron

The Moon Flower Ceremony was a highly anticipated event for all young wolf shifters from the Novaline Region. It was the occasion where the shifters get to meet their fated mates for the first time. However, not all wolf shifters are excited or eager to meet their fated mates. As decreed by the... more info

Story about: supernatural romance, fantasy and paranormal romance, wolf shifters fated mates

Ongoing: 29 Jun 88 pages
1496 112

Rating: 13

#416 in Romance
#22 in Paranormal Romance
#60 in Fantasy
#33 in Romantic fantasy


Love by a Fluke

Vera H Mist

When famous writer Oraya Carlton suffers through a major creative block, a disease that spared no writer in history, she decides to go and live her characters' lives throwing herself into the hardships she used to sprinkle upon them mercilessly. What she didn't expect was to walk into her own love s... more info

Story about: a young writer finds love

Ongoing: 29 Jun 12 pages
141 8

Rating: 2

#77 in Contemporary fiction
#43 in ChickLit
#1068 in Romance
#262 in Contemporary Romance



Conie Reigh

Amoura is a human, but being Moonkissed made her more than that. Mated to the second last living descendant of the Originals, one of Five Alphas that had been the first of the werewolf specie, it's not a surprise that fate had their tale, A mayhem written in stone. She was found by Maximus wh... more info

Story about: action romance, love and hope, werewolf and human mates

Ongoing: 29 Jun 169 pages
217 21

Rating: 4

#82 in Fantasy
#47 in Romantic fantasy
#52 in Mystery
#24 in Supernaturals


Bound To Break You

Godiva Gilbert

Jasmine Calvin in the guise of finding a job found her way into the life of the mysterious billionaire, Jason Halem. She is a freelance writer who plans to uncover the secret of the town's most eligible bachelor and sell the story to the highest bidder. An orphan since when she was 12, Jasmine has l... more info

Story about: werewolf romance, bound by the moon, werewolfxhuman

Ongoing: 29 Jun 178 pages
2690 126

Rating: 28

#20 in Mystery
#10 in Supernaturals
#37 in Fantasy
#22 in Romantic fantasy


Letting Go


This is a sequel to Don't Touch After the journey through high school and finally able to adapt to life with his mental health, Michael approaches a new challenge. College, balancing his relationship with his boyfriend, Elliot, and figuring out what he wants in life. Maybe there are things that ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, lgbtq romance, mental health awareness

Ongoing: 29 Jun 63 pages
579 59

Rating: 5

#1592 in Romance
#54 in LGBT
#68 in Inspiration romance


An Impossible Attraction

Goodness Shadrach

Should age be a barrier when it comes to love? For as long as Nathan could remember, Tracy has always been by his side, protecting him, caring for him and loving him. She was there when he opened his eyes as a baby and she had remained by his side since then and everything has been perfect, sweet... more info

Story about: romance, agegap, fobiddenlove

Ongoing: 29 Jun 97 pages
17578 653

Rating: 138

#24 in Romance
#7 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Young adult

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