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The Fame Game

Miss Asten

Amber and Jonas are enjoying their luxury lifestyle, when a phone call changes everything. Jonas is asked to host a charity telethon, which he accepts, after some persuasion. Amber is immensely excited to have Jonas back in the limelight again. But Jonas' ex Rachel wants him back, and after stalking... more info

Story about: celebrity, celebrity and ordinary girl, fandom

Complete 14 pages
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Rating: 0

#100 in Young adult
#1437 in Romance


My werewolf


stories about the bound mates that are trying to reunite regardless of any obstacles and enemy to turn them into slave... more info

Story about: romance life, sadness, romance action mystery

Ongoing: 29 Jun 2 pages
1 1

Rating: 1

#1347 in Romance
#117 in Mystery


Star Struck

Miss Asten

Amber Williams is enjoying being the girlfriend of a superstar. She feels she'll never get used to the ups and downs of fame. But it seems that Jonas has had enough of it, and makes plans to retire. Amber tries to convince Jonas to rethink his plans. Will she succeed?... more info

Story about: celebrity obsession, celebrity and ordinary girl

Complete 16 pages
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Rating: 0

#101 in Young adult
#1439 in Romance


Love Hunt

S S Katri

Jade, a professional dance choreographer finds a decades old letter in her grandmother chicken coop. Yet, whats more unusual is that the letter in name was addressed to her mother, Emberlynn from Austin, whomever he may be. Having not visited her grandparents place for ages, Jade is bored out of her... more info

Story about: romantic love letters and happy ending, small town romance, love at first sight to forevers

Ongoing: 29 Jun 5 pages
7 2

Rating: 0

#850 in Romance
#13 in Others
#13 in Humor


Eternal Obsession

Failia Baighaan

It is neither love nor lust. It was nothing but an Obsession. And I am nothing but his Eternal Obsession *** Violet Cadhill, A normal girl, enjoying her life and doing a simple job at the bakery with the dream of opening her own one day. Being a painfully oblivious girl, she couldn't notice the desp... more info

Story about: obsession, forcedmarriage, dark romance

Ongoing: 29 Jun 5 pages
67 45

Rating: 9

#208 in Romance
#110 in Billionaires


It's Happening Again


Maria Evelyn Mae Raleigh has finally fallen out of love after having one more chance to fall in love with her crush Cyprian Calum after admitting her feelings to him but being rejected shortly after she confessed. She ultimately moved on two days after her confession and has been enjoying her best ... more info

Story about: mariaevelynmaeraeleigh, cypriancalum, romance

Ongoing: 28 Jun 19 pages
16 3

Rating: 1

#1024 in Romance
#157 in Fantasy


To Lose A Love

Shelly Roy

Aditii had once had a crush on Raghav, her father's right-hand man, but she had been disillusioned badly and now hated him. A will forces her to marry Raghav to claim her inheritance, though she loves another man. Living in close proximity to him, she finds herself drawn to him again, but then the d... more info

Story about: ambition, romance, forcedmarriage

Ongoing: 29 Jun 14 pages
79 19

Rating: 0

#526 in Romance
#133 in Contemporary Romance
#39 in Contemporary fiction
#24 in ChickLit


Cinderella from Frankivsk

Mariya Evtushenko, Mika Stiv

To soothe his broken heart, Miroslav and his friends go on holiday to Frankovshchina. There he meets Alyona, whom he intends to use in his own game, to rub the nose of his former lover and win an argument with his friends. However, not everything worked out as expected.... more info

Story about: wealthy businessman, girl from the village, unexpected feelings

Ongoing: 29 Jun 6 pages
93 28

Rating: 9

#407 in Romance
#103 in Contemporary Romance
#20 in Young adult



Mika Stiv

draft... more info

Story about: dragon

Ongoing: 27 Jun 1 pages
1 0

Rating: 0

#1450 in Romance
#338 in Contemporary Romance


The Evil Queen ~ Book 1 of The Everlasting Series


Could the Evil Queen be capable of such human things as love? What if she finds it just as she ascends into her reign as Queen of Everlast? That story's never been written... But now it is as Summer transcends into the most deepest and darkest parts of herself. ~ Nearing her twenty-fifty ... more info

Story about: fantasy, prophecy and destiny, theevilqueen

Ongoing: 26 Jun 2 pages
7 3

Rating: 1

#230 in Fantasy
#65 in Dark fantasy
#1350 in Romance




*Broken* ? episode 1 “To you, it just a goodbye, but it broke me into pieces. Pieces that I can’t put together, hard to fix, beyond repairs. Now I see you in everyone. I think everyone is like you; I can’t bring you back but your memories still last. A story of a girl whose life takes a t... more info

Story about: struggle of life

Ongoing: 25 Jun 6 pages
10 0

Rating: 1

#77 in Thrillers & Suspense
#14 in Crime fiction


a love letter to Her

Dakota Jones

A short romantic story between two girls. A true and slightly sad story of fated love, to be or not to be. ... more info

Story about: a short story about love, romance between two girls, a story of love and fate

Complete 4 pages
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Rating: 0

#1460 in Romance
#45 in LGBT
#213 in Romantic suspense


Fan Friction

Miss Asten

Amber Williams is off on another adventure with her friend and idol, Jonas James. Jonas is doing a live tour and wants Amber to be there every step of the way. Daisy also comes along for the ride, as well as Lucy, a new fan who writes Jonas fanfiction. But Jonas' relationship with wife Rachel is und... more info

Story about: celebrity obsession, celebrity crush love story, celebrity and ordinary girl

Complete 21 pages
26 1

Rating: 0

#102 in Young adult
#1463 in Romance


Still waiting for you

Farzana Tutul

She was caught in the middle between him and the wall. Despite her fear, she did her hardest not to show him that she was terrified by him. Her heart fell as she peered into his eyes. His beautiful eyes had gone crimson, absolutely empty and dead. His brow furrowed in rage. He seemed so angry and ou... more info

Story about: love aacceptance forgiveness, marriage separation and baby secret, love betrayal and healing

Ongoing: 27 Jun 11 pages
365 105

Rating: 21

#122 in Romance
#34 in Contemporary Romance


Innocent Heart

Ayesha DA

He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." "What change" she asked. She was not getting good vibes from him. "It is true that today I am getting married but not with Mahi but with you.... more info

Story about: revenge, loveatfirstsight, hatetolove

Ongoing: 25 Jun 3 pages
182 52

Rating: 8

#26 in Fantasy
#16 in Romantic fantasy


Lichtenberg Figures


Kano stumbles into Raiden's home and he ends up staying for longer than anticipated. Feelings and Past Memories arise.... more info

Story about: raiden x kano

Ongoing: 25 Jun 3 pages
5 0

Rating: 0

#23 in Fanfiction
#3 in Video games Fanfiction
#1464 in Romance
#46 in LGBT


A double secret for a billionaire

Tala Tozka

Artur Tagaev, the father of my children, is the youngest billionaire in Europe, at the age of twenty-seven, heading the Tagaev empire instead of his father. I scold myself every time I visit his Instagram page. But there's one small excuse: I have his kids in my belly. Three of them. Two boys and on... more info

Story about: hatetolove, possessive man, pregancy

Ongoing: 25 Jun 5 pages
404 216

Rating: 38

#92 in Romance
#25 in Contemporary Romance
#47 in Billionaires


S.W.A.T (super Weaponized Assault Team)

A story for everyone

In the multiverse there lives a world where five samurais known as the Kurigana who defended their world from the Gorrens. However, on another world their lives five officers of an elite police defense force who must now come together as their time had come to defend their own world from a great. T... more info

Story about: magic, police

Ongoing: 28 Jun 7 pages
11 1

Rating: 0

#259 in Fantasy
#9 in Epic fantasy
#13 in Action fantasy


Beyond There Eyes


A lower class single mom sends her young adult Layla to an amazing criminal justice university but so does a man, he's not lower class well actually his a millionaire. The two kids meet and are on a mission of some sort.... more info

Story about: a mafia child getting a degree

Ongoing: 26 Jun 0 pages
0 1

Rating: 0

#262 in Fantasy
#71 in Dark fantasy
#129 in Mystery


Where Hidden Things Lie In Plain Sight ~ Crime Case Fiction


Shiloh Tornsley has a secret. A secret she has kept for most of her life. Not even her friends know what happened to her. But Shiloh knows. Shiloh at age four went missing from her backyard swingset never to be seen or heard from again, she was all over the news and was even on an amber alert f... more info

Story about: disappearance, crimefiction, crime and action thriller

Ongoing: 24 Jun 3 pages
19 3

Rating: 2

#11 in Horror
#118 in Thrillers & Suspense

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