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Her Nightmare


"Am I crazy or is this real" puzzled Anna looks at her folks...Neither of them understands what she is talking about. Will Anna find out and face her dreams??... more info

Story about: a girl and her nightmare, fated to meet you

Ongoing: 02 Jun 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#36 in Thrillers & Suspense
#19 in Suspense




Korbl is a young man running for his life from almost everybody. He lives in constant fear until he meets a strange lady, a witch and has a sexual encounter with a King. ... more info

Story about: action and adventure, action, running

Ongoing: 02 Jun 6 pages
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Rating: 0

#85 in Fantasy
#9 in Action fantasy


Lady Sherwood


Most of you know the legend of Robin Hood, but what about this way? In medieval times, Nottingham England has a story about a mysterious outlaw who robs from the rich to feed the poor. No one has been able to catch the thief or even know who she is, but they know that she goes by the name Robyn of L... more info

Story about: outlaws, nottingham, romance

Ongoing: 03 Jun 3 pages
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Rating: 0

#10 in Fanfiction
#285 in Action & Adventures


Colourland Series 3: Dictator


Colour King has sent in Colour Dictator to make sure that Crayon and his friends stop supporting Challenger.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 01 Jun 12 pages
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Rating: 0

#86 in Fantasy
#10 in Action fantasy


Fire of love

Elvi Orin

She was the opposite of calm and obidient! She was the fire and he was a cold hearted beast! What will happen when they both will collide?! Let's find out!... more info

Story about: dominatinghusband, attraction, lovesecret

Ongoing: 03 Jun 29 pages
937 110 22

Rating: 7

#60 in Romance
#23 in Billionaires
#12 in Romantic suspense


My first crush

Minded bride of my crush

This my stroy...At an unexpected time a boy in class talk to me for few seconds and..Instantly I fall for him....It's very interesting that how we feel each others presence .....Be with me for my unexpected journey towards love junction...... more info

Story about: glory of love

Ongoing: 31 May 1 pages
14 6 4

Rating: 3

#206 in Romance
#34 in New Adult & College
#32 in Young adult
#13 in School



Potter Swift

We were in the middle of a forest, when my parents stop the car. "What's wrong?" I ask No one answers We get out of the car. My parents leave the car doors open, which puzzles me but I don't speak. After we walk a few steps my parents run back inside the car leaving me alone. This puzzles me, the... more info

Story about: betrayal, betrayed, betray

Ongoing: 30 May 5 pages
55 4 0

Rating: 1

#29 in Thrillers & Suspense
#15 in Suspense
#36 in Others
#16 in Humor



Chasing Zabella

Every chapter will have a new beginning and a new end. Some stories may make you fall in love while others will make you question life. ... more info

Story about: romance, thriller, life givers

Ongoing: 30 May 6 pages
23 2 0

Rating: 0

#89 in Fantasy
#291 in Romance


A Perfect Murder

Kat Thomas

Kit was in a relationship with Matthew an artist who seemingly disappeared and never reappeared. though his absences before he would come back and pretend everything was normal this time he didn't. She was now suspect number one in his missing persons possibly homicide case. Mitsuhide Akechi was the... more info

Story about: murder mystery, detective, romance desires

Ongoing: 30 May 78 pages
92 23 0

Rating: 0

#10 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction
#169 in Romance


The Village

Kat Thomas

An exclusive housing community asked a young doctor Sara Walker to join their ranks. At first she believes it is too good to be true. However she can find nothing wrong with the complex when she goes. One by one she makes friends with the people on the street only to have something big happen.... more info

Story about: mystery romance, romance and friendship, love

Ongoing: 30 May 81 pages
141 23 0

Rating: 2

#142 in Romance
#25 in Romantic suspense


Shattered Bones

Kat Thomas

She was different but didn't know how. She would find she was trapped in a war between heaven and hell and it was nothing was as it seems.... more info

Story about: fantasy, angels and demons, fantasy story

Ongoing: 30 May 60 pages
62 3 0

Rating: 0

#43 in Fantasy
#20 in Romantic fantasy


Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—


Carlos is a mature man, arrogant, and very sure of himself. Sara, an immature young girl, brave ... but very troublesome. She is just a big inconvenience to him. He is too overbearing and controlling for her. What is the boundary between respect and tolerance? To what extent can two people ... more info

Story about: romance urban chicklit fiction, boss and assistant, love triangle and turbulent past

Ongoing: 02 Jun 32 pages
109 24 2

Rating: 3

#106 in Romance
#21 in Contemporary Romance
#13 in Contemporary fiction
#11 in ChickLit


A Sparkling Mist

Potter Swift

WARNING: THERE MIGHT BE A FEW DISTURBING SCENES (NOT IN DETAIL....BUT A LITTLE) - - - - - - - Desdemona and Kiernan are twins, they learn two different kinds of magic in an institution. They always stand up for each other and stay with each other until one day. ....... more info

Story about: magic, darkmagic, whitemagic

Ongoing: 30 May 12 pages
46 15 0

Rating: 0

#36 in Young adult
#14 in School
#44 in Fantasy
#10 in Dark fantasy


Writer's notes

Alla Iyer

Writer that lives among us sees things somewhat differently and sees somewhat different things.... more info

Story about: writer, flash fiction, adequate heroes

Ongoing: 29 May 1 pages
13 2 0

Rating: 1

#38 in Short stories
#35 in Contemporary fiction


Heart Of Gold

Shellie Ramsada

Rome is a sixteen-year-old human who is enrolled in a highschool for all creatures... except giants. But despite the school being full of students, none of them wanted to befriend him. However, Rome's first friendship was ready to begin when he encountered a scary-looking giant. And to make... more info

Story about: fairy tale parody, gay romance, teenagers

Ongoing: 29 May 2 pages
7 4 0

Rating: 2

#265 in Romance
#8 in LGBT
#70 in Fantasy


Make your Lemonade


Dylan is your run of the mill, popular stereotypical jock. Unless that's what he wants everyone to think. There is more to him than meets the eye and Juno is one of the first people to realize that. He slowly finds himself starting to like her but he's not the only one. Elliot is a bit insecure a... more info

Story about: bwwm, highschool, school romance

Ongoing: 28 May 6 pages
36 21 2

Rating: 5

#18 in Young adult
#8 in School
#140 in Romance
#29 in Contemporary Romance


Cursed Blood


It started out as an innocent star crossed love between a forest girl and the son of the mayor. Then truth started to reveal itself and the "simple, mere forest girl" was no longer simple and the only way to get rid of her was death. Yet, if people thought death could undo evil, they were wrong........ more info

Story about: anger, revenge, innocence

Ongoing: 30 May 24 pages
84 28 1

Rating: 5

#8 in Thrillers & Suspense
#4 in Suspense
#2 in Horror
#2 in Paranormal


The Unwilling Bride

Oreoluwa Arowosafe

After the death of her husband, Amy Rogers is left with nothing but a little girl. In an attempt to find herself and get her life back on track, she finds someone, a very handsome someone, Liam Grant. He had strived for everything he now earned which made it hard for him to let his guard down but ... more info

Story about: blooming love story of amy and liam, lovestory, millionaire

Ongoing: 28 May 5 pages
377 116 5

Rating: 7

#64 in Romance
#13 in Romantic suspense




Frias. An ancient, small medieval town where selfless love of marriage was considered a sacred union and a timeless tradition. A place where families left a lasting legacy that continued from generation to generation. But, when a brash and charming Spanish Lothario who easily cruised his way to wome... more info

Story about: selfdiscovery, love and romance, freedom

Ongoing: 01 Jun 32 pages
199 28 0

Rating: 1

#153 in Romance
#29 in New Adult & College
#4 in Others
#4 in Humor


Laraine Smith

Laraine Smith

Is Christmas the day on which we celebrate the festival of Christmas? Is a festival a day to celebrate? Is Christmas the annual festival for Christians to celebrate Christ’s birth? When something is annual, do we celebrate it yearly? When we celebrate something each year, do we celebrate it one by... more info

Story about: christmas, christmas story, christmastime

Ongoing: 27 May 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#43 in Others
#12 in Poetry
#46 in Short stories

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