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Dragons & Cupcakes

PJ Lowry

Ginelle had no choice but to run away from home and those who mean to imprison all witches. She then befriends a dragon who agrees to protect her in exchange for food. This arrangement works quite well for more than a few years until the young witch falls in love with a local boy. ... more info

Story about: dragons, romantic fantasy, fantasy fiction

Ongoing: 23 Feb 6 pages
45 16 0

Rating: 3

#141 in Fantasy
#72 in Romantic fantasy
#4 in Epic fantasy



Kay Clark

The title means in English: cross·roads /ˈkrôsˌrōdz/ noun - an intersection of two or more roads. - the point where two roads met. ... Irina could see ghost. Lan is a ghost. Two people had an encounter in a place where paths met. They didn't realized that their coincidence had much deeper... more info

Story about: fanfiction, daragon

Ongoing: 02 Mar 2 pages
15 1 0

Rating: 1

#680 in Romance
#138 in Contemporary Romance
#97 in Romantic suspense


The Beloved Beast

Shelly Roy

Neil is strong and handsome, the epitome of masculinity. He is also a dangerous Alpha werewolf carrying an ancient curse on his head. It turns him into a bloodthirsty beast. Tanya is a loner who comes from a broken home. Abused by her father, she prefers to stay away from the college crowd. When she... more info

Story about: romance between a girl and a werewolf

Ongoing: 02 Mar 37 pages
407 39 2

Rating: 6

#368 in Romance
#21 in Paranormal Romance
#51 in Fantasy
#29 in Romantic fantasy


Ski-Mask: Reasons Why


23 year old, Tyler Johnson, is down on his luck. His little brother, Luke needs surgery, but he's broke. The chips are down, Tyler's on his last straw, he resorts to one thing, crime. In this crime thriller, you follow Tyler rob bank, evade capture, and try to stay in the game long enough for his br... more info

Story about: crime thriller, crime fiction

Ongoing: 23 Feb 1 pages
17 2 0

Rating: 1

#244 in Fantasy
#14 in Action fantasy
#115 in Thrillers & Suspense
#23 in Crime fiction


Shade in the darkness


He is the wealthiest man in the state. He personally has 4 of the leading ranked hotels and a casino. To Ruhi, Ranaweera is a little handsome, but for others, he is the most lovely gentleman. However, Ruhi heard some rumors that he is carrying some mafia activities secretly and usually he is a playb... more info

Story about: forcemarriage, jelouse, innocent girl

Ongoing: 03 Mar 64 pages
4835 401 16

Rating: 37

#34 in Romance
#24 in Billionaires


Rao Taha Khan

Rao Taha Khan

The short story is about a warrior who loved his friend and trusted her like nobody. They had huge cultural and traditional differences but still the warrior boy valued this friendship. It turned out to be a tragedy when the girl sacrificed their friendship for her own fake beliefs... more info

Story about: warrior got betrayed by best friend

Ongoing: 23 Feb 4 pages
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Rating: 0

#60 in Short stories




When Lou thought she had found her happiness. Her world started to crumble. She opened the bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. Took a handful and put it in her mouth. Please, don't save me. For her, continue living is a cursed. *** Raphael “God, can you give me permission to go d... more info

Story about: angel, redemption, when the two different worlds collided

Ongoing: 26 Feb 16 pages
103 9 2

Rating: 2

#233 in Fantasy
#122 in Romantic fantasy
#80 in Mystery
#37 in Supernaturals


A journey in the train

Avishka Harrish

What happens when a Teenage girl comes face to face with harsh realities of life in the most unexpected situations and with the most unexpected people. Rashi is the only child of her parents . She is bestowed everything , brains , riches . She is a confident strong headed girl who does... more info

Story about: strong girl poverty a victim

Ongoing: 22 Feb 2 pages
23 3 0

Rating: 1

#60 in Young adult
#3 in Dystopia
#19 in Others
#3 in Non-fiction



Sherehan Gamal

The story follows a young woman who’s grown up in a world where acting based on rational thinking isn’t an option. People only do what they love, and makes them happy. Sounds like perfection, doesn’t it? You work the job you love. You pursue your artistic dream freely. You have your loved o... more info

Story about: logic doesn't play a part in this story, a world run by love hate anger

Ongoing: 22 Feb 11 pages
28 6 0

Rating: 1

#1079 in Romance
#204 in Contemporary Romance
#98 in Young adult
#5 in Dystopia


Beauty of Marriage


Marriage for some it's constitution for life, for some it's mere a game. If married a right person Marriage is a bless which makes life smooth like cheese. "Teraa banega woh jo teraa nahee hai The one who is not yours will become yours Aye dil bata kyun tujhko itna yakin hai O my heart, why... more info

Story about: life after marriage

Ongoing: 01 Mar 16 pages
174 9 0

Rating: 2

#670 in Romance
#33 in Inspiration romance
#40 in Contemporary fiction
#12 in Urban life


Enchanted Twilight

Shinya Flynn

As far as now, Raphael Lockwood, a mixed-blood witch—a human and a witch—has relied on the potions created by his father to live, which unfortunately began to lose their effectiveness. While he is worried about the state of his body, Isaac Kanon, his childhood friend and ruler of the kingdom he ... more info

Story about: witch, fantasy and paranormal romance, witch and human

Ongoing: 23 Feb 37 pages
92 25 1

Rating: 3

#666 in Romance
#46 in Paranormal Romance
#23 in LGBT


Life of Tragics

Survivor Spirit

This story is about a girl who is belonging to a middle-class family and facing harder times she has the power to do something great but suddenly her life gets a twist and she is captured by cyclones of tragedy. She has supernatural powers by born and she doesn't know the power costs. One day she's ... more info

Story about: supernaturals, real life story

Ongoing: 21 Feb 3 pages
26 1 0

Rating: 1

#15 in Horror
#11 in Paranormal
#85 in Mystery
#42 in Supernaturals


Cherished Hatred

Failia Baighaan

“I fucking hate a beast like you.” Lucille enunciated, clenching his heart in her hands and bursting it under the weight of her agonizing words. “Fine then, I will show you what this beast could do!” Leonel scowled as he threw her away, her back hit the wall. She fell with a wince and bloo... more info

Story about: werewolf, hatred, dark romance

Ongoing: 01 Mar 40 pages
631 133 3

Rating: 15

#238 in Romance
#27 in Fantasy


Undercover Girl

Lia Crystal

Extreme beauty, intelligence, and a unique set of skills. Zea was only seventeen back then and everything in her life was perfect. But not until they killed her father and took away the man that she loves. Driven, she set out overseas and train to be the best spe... more info

Story about: firstlove, undercover agent, agent

Ongoing: 22 Feb 13 pages
531 119 5

Rating: 17

#352 in Romance
#35 in Thrillers & Suspense
#5 in Action thriller


You and Me

Melissa N

"Tell me the truth!" "I can't! You'll hate me." "I am this close to hating you for not telling me anything!" May Dawson was a high school graduate who just moved into the small town Mazadora. A man by the name of Eros, appeared at her door one night, beaten up. She took care of him even as the... more info

Story about: dragon in love with human, dragon fantasy romance

Ongoing: 03 Mar 32 pages
610 68 2

Rating: 9

#32 in Fantasy
#269 in Romance


The Demonic Thirst- Blood Moon

Nafisa Anjum Bidhu

A girl cursed to turn into a bloodthirsty demon, falls in love with a human boy. The story continues as the girl awakens from a long sleep, a sleep that swept parts of her memory. She could only meet the love of her life through scattered dreams. As soon as the blood moon comes above, she transforms... more info

Story about: love, demon girl, human boy

Ongoing: 21 Feb 10 pages
166 38 17

Rating: 19

#132 in Fantasy
#783 in Romance
#64 in Paranormal Romance


Dance seducer

Маїра Цибуліна

Kolia considered Olia to be the pampered daughter of a millionaire, who was used to everything that loving dad served her on a tray. This sweet doll spent all days in beauty salons, boutiques and restaurants. And in the evenings she pampered herself with male striptease and lovegames with random han... more info

Story about: romance, love story, from hate to love

Ongoing: 01 Mar 123 pages
3823 188 14

Rating: 20

#250 in Romance
#7 in Inspiration romance


Celebrity Obsession

Baby Doll

So this story is about Ashley, a common girl who's life takes a drastic turn when she encounters Ryan, a famous celebrity. Although, the encounter as an awkward one, her life changes and she is faced with various challenges. A lot of confusing things in this first part so, take good note of ever... more info

Story about: crazy love, poor girl rich boy, celebrity and ordinary girl

Ongoing: 28 Feb 14 pages
662 114 6

Rating: 12

#262 in Romance
#166 in Billionaires


Empire. Song of the elite.


in the process ... more info

Story about: god, loss of condition, new status

Ongoing: 27 Feb 2 pages
9 0 0

Rating: 0

#367 in Fantasy
#13 in Epic fantasy


O Poveste Fericita

Intamplarile Unei Adolescente

era foarte curajoasa si curioasa!!... more info

Story about: o fata curajoasa

Ongoing: 20 Feb 1 pages
41 1 0

Rating: 0

#368 in Fantasy
#15 in Action fantasy
#1270 in Romance
#540 in Billionaires

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