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The Villain and Male Lead pursues Me?!


As I was reading the novel, my head hurts so I decided to take a nap. When I opened my eyes, I was in a child's body! A daughter of a count. I'm already aware that I'm inside a novel but I don't know what novel I'm in. After a few years living in my new life, I came to realize that the plot is ex... more info

Story about: reincarnation, fantasy world, transmigration

Ongoing: 28 Jul 340 pages
4734 84

Rating: 17

#111 in Fantasy
#55 in Romantic fantasy
#739 in Romance
#11 in Historical Romance


Behind His Mask

Stephanie Van Orman

Evander is a complete mystery to Sarah until she's given a spell book he authored. Is he a tortured prince? A bloodthirsty jester? The owner of the haunted mansion or the man hired to drive the ghosts out? Only the book will tell.... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, young adult, young adult romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 100 pages
346 60

Rating: 3

#579 in Romance
#18 in Paranormal Romance
#34 in Young adult


Kiss of Tragedy

Stephanie Van Orman

Juliet is too innocent, even for a freshman at university. Against all sense, she falls for Seth. He may be a vampire, but that doesn't bother Juliet. She wants to get wrecked. When he kisses her, she sees visions of love and death... And she can't wait for him to kiss her again. **WATCH THE ... more info

Story about: romance, urban fantasy, college romance

Ongoing: 28 Jul 296 pages
833 29

Rating: 5

#986 in Romance
#52 in Paranormal Romance
#87 in New Adult & College

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His Cursed Mistress

Valerie Sax

She was kidnapped, tortured, and abused for saving the man she fell in love with. And now she found herself lost once again as she tried to find out her new identity. Is she going to accept the new beast growling inside her? Or she will reject it. She developed new powers where her dreams come tr... more info

Story about: lovestory, mystery thriller, werewolf alpha and mate

Ongoing: 28 Jul 185 pages
8971 280

Rating: 134

#35 in Fantasy
#15 in Romantic fantasy
#16 in Mystery
#11 in Romantic mystery

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Failia Baighaan

“Call my name, if you want me to stop, Cinzel.” With a seductive hiss, His grip over me tightened, shuddering violently by the proximity and his possessive grip, a tear pricked in the corner of my eye but he didn’t spare mercy. Defeated against his allure and dominance, I whimpered his n... more info

Story about: age gap romance, suspense dark secrets, mafia possessive hatred

Ongoing: 28 Jul 92 pages
13615 538

Rating: 117

#9 in Romance
#5 in Contemporary Romance


Lions of the Sea - The Legacy 1

MC Prelooker

**DAILY UPDATES** 1670, Caribbean Sea. She's the daughter of a legendary pirate. He's a Spanish captain. Their countries are at war. Their fathers killed each other. And they were destined to follow on their steps. All they want is to kill each other, and they'll sail the Caribbean Sea tirelessly ... more info

Story about: historical romance, girls struggle coming of age, adventures forbidden love pirates

Ongoing: 28 Jul 160 pages
649 45

Rating: 8

#963 in Romance
#16 in Historical Romance
#65 in Young adult


Bloodline ( stolen at birth)


Two brother's find themselves in a tug of war, when one was stolen at birth, but when destiny brings them together in a twist of fate, will the truth be known?.. what larks in the dark?. Bloodline ( stolen at birth)... more info

Story about: blood war, blood realation jealousy and true love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 7 pages
10 6

Rating: 2

#908 in Romance
#439 in Billionaires


His Only Obsession

Love Egbejale

The saying that revenge is a dish best served cold had never been truer in Richard Gilbert's case.  Orphaned at the age of ten, he had to work very hard for everything to be able to get back what was stolen from his family and to do that- he got close to the daughter of his father's enemy; Meira Da... more info

Story about: billionaire revenge friends to lovers

Ongoing: 28 Jul 156 pages
23843 513

Rating: 86

#60 in Romance
#21 in Contemporary Romance
#35 in Billionaires


Groomed to kill you


When a business deal goes wrong, a young lady most either choose to save the man she was groomed to kill or eliminate the one that sent her!! After all, deals are meant to be terminated. ... more info

Story about: fakerelationship, revenge and betrayal, family feud

Ongoing: 28 Jul 7 pages
9 4

Rating: 0

#1260 in Romance
#573 in Billionaires


The she devil


Revenge is a dish best served cold, but what happened when the son of the most hated person in your life, makes you his contracted wife, will love prevail over evil?.... more info

Story about: revenge and love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 27 pages
126 45

Rating: 6

#394 in Romance
#211 in Billionaires


Sisters Oath

El prince

Secrets... more info

Story about: dark secret between sisters

Ongoing: 27 Jul 6 pages
19 3

Rating: 0

#85 in Thrillers & Suspense
#18 in Crime fiction


Double Life

Khanyi Mathayi

Lesego Medupe has never questioned her identity before, she never wondered about the father she never knew, her dark complexion, or her mother's outrageous rules. That is until a nerve-wracking accident introduces her to new faces, some of which only have impure intentions. Abigail Daniels has sp... more info

Story about: #evil twin, #supernatural, #secrets and lies

Complete 345 pages
692 22

Rating: 2

#28 in Mystery
#7 in Supernaturals
#56 in Thrillers & Suspense
#22 in Suspense


A broken girl in the streets of Newyork


Savannah Hashtings who has a horrible past goes to Newyork alone leaving her horrible parents behind in search of starting a happy beginning but how a small town broken girl survive in a big city alone? Did I mention that she is broken not only in terms of money but also mentally.All she wanted is t... more info

Story about: romance and friendship, college life, goals

Ongoing: 27 Jul 54 pages
2278 193

Rating: 21

#163 in Romance
#7 in New Adult & College


Addicted To Him

Suzy Kim

23 year old Natasha Gold has always been an outstanding and amazing young lady to the whole world, she's the CEO of Goldline and has been recorded to be the youngest female billionaire. Yes, she has everything, everything except true love. Every guy that dated her either did it for popularity or... more info

Story about: love, romance, addiction

Ongoing: 27 Jul 25 pages
1429 206

Rating: 22

#203 in Romance
#123 in Billionaires

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Captured - The Royal Romance

Shruti Omar

The journey to home has proved far from comforting to Matsyaa. Her beliefs are crushed. Her hopes are shattered and her family that she has loved more than her life has turned into a strange mystery of complications. So many minds. So many ploys. Nothing heard is true and nothing seen is right. A me... more info

Story about: hate to love, royal family, secrets from the past

Ongoing: 27 Jul 160 pages
36247 822

Rating: 405

#81 in Romance
#48 in Billionaires
#12 in Romantic suspense


Alyssa: A story of revenge

Adarshita writes

Alyssa's whole world revolves around her grandparents and her flowers because she is a florist. Her dream is to open a wedding planning company but due to her financial condition, she can't. She never fell in love but wants to, her dream man is someone who will love her unconditionally same as her g... more info

Story about: romance desires, dreams and romance, revenge and regret

Ongoing: 27 Jul 22 pages
291 37

Rating: 13

#23 in Contemporary fiction
#314 in Romance


The Player Next Door

Tyna Williams

After Rylie Myers got her heart broken by her childhood friend turned boyfriend, she vowed off boys forever. When Blake Weston, a popular model and playboy moves next door, a feud ensues between the two with no particular end in sight. Things however take a turn when Rylie and Blake accidentally sha... more info

Story about: enemies to lovers, fake relationship, hate to love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 75 pages
4263 214

Rating: 26

#9 in Young adult
#153 in Romance


Thought You Could Be Mine


Adrien and Crystal are a couple who are pressured into an arranged marriage due to the untimely death of Crystal's mother. Adrien, who has had everything prestigious in his life and Crystal, who had nothing but sacrifices. Can a loveless marriage between the two last?... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, billionaire, love romance

Ongoing: 27 Jul 76 pages
12275 413

Rating: 99

#38 in Romance
#21 in Billionaires


Half of you, Vulcan!


The three ladies (his daughter, maid and lover) want a half of him, but seriously, who divides a half into three? * * * Athena has given her words to her father that Vulcan, the mortal is better than every god, Zeus, her father formed and proposed that she marry. Be... more info

Story about: magic, love triangle, amnesia

Ongoing: 27 Jul 152 pages
406 12

Rating: 4

#345 in Fantasy
#150 in Romantic fantasy


Together On a Coffee Date


He is a boy with an uncompleted love story in the past, stuck in life, trying to live and fight the boredom of youth and the generation. He knows the harsh realities and knows how to deal with them. ※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※ She's a girl who lives in dr... more info

Story about: romance dreadful past suspense, youngadult healing teenromance, teenfiction

Ongoing: 27 Jul 7 pages
19 9

Rating: 3

#602 in Romance
#48 in New Adult & College
#35 in Young adult

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