4th Dimension

I don't know

She ran as fast as she could, considering the fence at a close distance but it was not close now. Lost in the beauty of that garden, she had crossed a long distance inside the neighbouring farm house so now she found run to escape an appropriate idea for getting out of the situation. It was a second mistake committed by her. 

           Soon the realization of the failure that her decision had met, puzzled her and she found herself in a real trouble by the reality that the story was not ending here. Unexpectedly the man was following her with a greater speed and as she tried to run faster she could only come to the ground. Within seconds she was touching the ground, lying straight and pretending unconscious but all went in vain as in the mean time she had analysed the other person's concern for this incident. He was neither worried about the girl nor was curious to know if she is seriously hurt but the whole impression on his face was a clear question that how dare she cross the fence and come on the other side. 

           That lush green grass was the cause. It was too attractive to keep away so Sarah jumped on the other side of the fence and enjoyed a walk. She was enjoying the beauty of that well maintained garden when all of sudden felt someone behind her. “oops!  This embarrassment came my way. I paid no intention to my sixth sense and then decided to escape in this awkward way” She said to herself while running. "Sana told me that no one lives in this farmhouse, so I came here but at the same time he too got the idea of coming here" Sarah murmured while slipping on the grass. She was too puzzled by the situation to face it or apologise for her mistake. So unable to think any other solution, she just ran to hide. It resulted in a worse situation and now worst had come to her because of third wrong decision of pretending unconscious. 

             In a beautiful sounding ,where the view was all green accompanied by a fragrance of flowers around it was a fit place for the first meeting of hero and heroine.The novel she had just finished was in her mind where the hero had met his love in the same way. Girl's dog barking at the hero was the background music. such situation would come her way too  but he had smashed all the story so how could Sarah feel like a heroin. Not mesmerized at all, he was still there like a dummy, not even going away to bring water for the poor unconscious girl so after a while she decided to open her eyes. Those green eyes could cast a spell on any man leaving him all lost in love.  

              A look at her eyes had an impact on his mood but again it was not easy to understand his feelings until she realized her missing lenses. She was looking at him with one green and other brown eye. The mystery of his mood was resolved and she realized what was the impacted casted on him. 

“I don't know how this all happened ......I hate the day when I decide to visit Sana and come here on her farmhouse" she again murmured . No doubt she was beautiful and attractive. Her fair complexion was not only the plus point but a well mixed pink had it’s own glow on her cheeks. Her brown eyes  reflecting a bright brain were an additional blessing. Long , straight hair were brown and had never missed a chance of getting admiration but the present moment had ruined all her charm by presenting her a thief trying to espionage the home before further action. 

“ I am so sorry’ ’she had to say after the realization of the fact that the behaviour she had shown was quite inappropriate for the situation. 

“Ok you may go” he said and gave a further explanation” The way you behaved was so strange that I had to follow you” 

The prince said finally in a tone that was free from all the bounds of honour. Now he was bored of the situation. The girl was still laying as if the grass was a bed.  

             He with his six feet  height and a strong body was handsome enough to attract any of the girl but despite spending 30 years of life he had never been in any relation, neither any special emotion for any of the girls nor even a crush on any lady so how could he feel any thing for such a stupid girl who had forgotten to get up and leave the ground.  

                Coming back to her senses took a few seconds but then she quickly got up and ran out of his place. Her face was red with a sense of shame and eyes were full of tears but the moment had gone and that man along with his rude behaviour was now past.  

“A right thing, said in a wrong way. it's really unforgettable time ........ unbelievably bad manner and a big uuuuuuuf!. I have backache due to that falling. I did a nonsense but he too is a true nonsense. He had come to know that I am not a thief and it was clear that I don't have any other intention with that garden so he could let me go but no. He didn't do so just for the sake of his ego.... the ego that was willing to listen a sorry, willing to teach a lesson. So what if he is a handsome nonsense.” she was talking to herself when Sana came. She had searched her everywhere in the meantime. 

“ what happened ?” she asked seeing her face closely.  

“I went there and lost my lenses there” she was not willing to face more embarrassment so she decided to hide remaining detail.  

“What ....... are you weeping for your lost lenses?” Sana was surprised. 

“Not at all...... It is causing allergy.” She lied showing her other lens that she had just removed from her eye. 

“ I rubbed my eyes while wearing lenses. It has caused allergy.”  

" Come inside and wash it before it get worse”  Sana got worried about her eyes getting red and her face looking pale 


            Fourth dimension is missing just because you don’t see it but you can’t deny the presence of fourth dimension as essential as is gravity to stand on the earth you don't see gravity but you find it at every step, similarly you don't see the fourth dimension at a particular time but you find it as soon as you step forward. Sara was unable to understand the reason behind not forgetting that incident. She was unable to forget all the happening for even a moment. Perhaps the feeling of embarrassment had surrounded her or the fear that her embarrassment will be seen by others. It was just the fourth dimension unobserved, unnoticed. 


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