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         The cool breeze of early winter signatures the day which makes it ideal for couples to go dating. Irene wears a simple pastel violet blouse paired with her favorite jeans. Her attire is completed with black boots and a knee length coat.

          “Oh, Mr. Woo it seems that I am underdressed again” says Irene seeing Ryan’s attire.

          “No, It’s just that I am from the office and I’ve got no more time to change my clothes” says Ryan to Irene who obviously refused to believe the excuse.

          “We will only be visiting some places which I thought you haven’t been yet.”

          “I’m not prepared boss,” says Irene showing her backpack to Ryan whose eyes got bigger seeing that middle schooler backpack.

          “This is not a date, right boss?” asks Irene to Ryan who is focused on the driving.

          “Ah…uhmm, well we can consider it a date if you want to,” answered Ryan who is trying to test the waters. “And please Irene, just call me Ryan if we are out of the office or if we’re alone”

          Irene shifted her eyes on Ryan upon hearing his request and made no comment at all. Ryan feeling uncomfortable with the looks of Irene turned on the music in the car. Rock music filled the car and lighten the awkward silence.

          “You love rock music.”

          “I do. When I was younger, our band used to play these rock and heavy metals,” explains Ryan. “You do love music too, right? I often see you on your headphones.”

          “A day is incomplete without listening to music. But honestly, I am into ballads,” says Irene to Ryan who turns off the music immediately.

          Irene laughed at the gestures of Ryan who seems terrified at offending her with the music.

          “Let’s have a fill first at this restaurant. I can assure you that the food here is delicious”

          The car stopped at a very familiar restaurant porch. They were greeted with full bow by the staffs which Irene immediately understood that it is one of their companies. Irene moves her eyes swiftly from one direction to the other, and seemingly checking on some things.

          “Anything wrong?” asked Ryan

          “There are a lot of foreigners today. It was not like this when I last came here. Mr. Woo did you change the management of this restaurant?”

          “Nope, let’s just say that we have upgraded our services. Since the upgrade we are catering more and more multinational customers.”

          “Wow, this time the menu book has English translations and descriptions.”

          “Actually, all of these changes are suggested by someone. We gave a shot to the suggestions and they work.”

          “It is such a courageous move, but I guess it pays off.”

          “I guess so. Let’s dig in, we still have a lot of places to go”

          “Good Morning Miss, it’s nice meeting you again. Sorry miss I am so inconsiderate of not knowing your name last time,” said the manager of the restaurant.

          “Irene... my name is Irene, Mr. Jung” said Irene extending her right hand for a handshake.

          “Thank you for coming back Irene. Mr. Woo, she was the one I was telling you” said the manager to Ryan excitedly.

          Ryan did not have any comment on the words of the manager but a single nod. This hints the manager to leave them alone. They enjoyed their meal and went to different places where they enjoyed together taking pictures and teaching each other some strategies and techniques in taking pictures. Their last stop was the amusement park.

          “It is very nice here at night especially if you are at the topmost part of that giant Ferris wheel,” said Ryan while pulling her hand going to the giant Ferris Wheel.

          They were frustrated to see the long queue at the entrance of the ride. Ryan tried to squeeze in the line but Irene stopped him.

          “Ryan, do not think of using your title again to get to that ride. These people have waited in that line. There will be some other time to experience that. Let’s just have a snack over there,” says Irene pointing at a restaurant nearby.

          “We have to go back here next week. It is really frustrating that we can’t ride in that Ferris wheel.”

          “I didn’t expect this place to be this busy at night. There were few people the last time we came here.”

          “You’ve been here? Who did you go with?”

          “With my roommate Rita when she was brokenhearted” answered Irene. “Amusement parks are almost the same; the rides, the food, the prizes, the enjoyment and even the thrill.”

          “Right. They should be innovative to be unique, but what else can you add to the existing perks that amusement parks have now a days?” asked Ryan trying to provoke Irene’s wits.

          Silence reigned the table while each is consuming their meal snacks.

          “That’s it Mr.Woo, I mean Ryan… information or knowledge. Make it educational not only for kids but for all ages. While these people are in line, they can read information about the rides they are going to. Like why the ride is called this way; what experience are they going to have; why do they need to restrict the age of riders; what is the ideal time to be in this ride, and so on. With that this park will not just give entertainment but will also give food to the mind and you can promote this in schools,” explained Irene confidently to Ryan who is lost in a stare at Irene.

          “Irene, I don’t want to keep this from you, and I can’t hide it any longer.” Ryan holds the hands of Irene who is so much surprised. “I like you Irene, No I don’t merely like you, I love you Irene.” stammers Ryan whose eyes are fixed at Irene who is speechless and evidently surprised. “Irene, sorry if you are surprised, but please say a word.”


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