Season 1 🎼🎼 Episode 4

🕷️🕷️Lord Gadas🕷️🕷️🕷️

I puffed out the cigarette, at the beach. With the ladies around to keep me company, it was a damn happy day.

It was time to place a call but she rather called me. I could see one of my men running, in order to handle the cellphone to me.

I took the phone. Answering the caller, she didn't speak for about two minutes then she broke the silence.

"They are all fake. The whole shit."

"What? No, that can't be. It was good. I saw it with my own eyes."

"Shut the hell up and listen, you gonna get me my money and kill the drug dealer."

"My men already taken care of that, she's dead by now along side with her Psíquico tonto."

"You fool, you got it all wrong. She's still breathing alongside with her psychic as you say. Alexander girl got her already."

"How did you.."

"I got my eyes everywhere Gadas, and how do you explain her taking down nine of your men. You their master are just as weak as they all are."

She hung up, after her last comment which didn't go down well. I threw the phone away out of rage, one of half naked ladies approached me.

To console me but I ignored her comfort zone. It was time to kill the b**tch myself.
And that of Alexander, I had it under control.

I signalled my men, they all lined up in front of me.

"I need her alive, I do the killing."

"Yes boss."

They all chorused, leaving to get on with the assignment.

🕷️🕷️ Dina 🕷️🕷️

I handcuffed them around the long pole, the holes at the end were dripping out petrol. It was of an abandoned old structured fuel station.

They were as quiet, as I wanted them to be. But I couldn't trust her without an escape plan cycling in her head.

The guy was of no worries to me, I smiled. Connecting the earphone attached to my ear.

"I got her, I think it's better you see for yourself boss."

"I ordered you to kill her not abduct her."


She starred at me still speaking with the unknown communicator. I twisted my hands, if only I could break loose.

We did settle it right here, I knew her but not anymore as she made her decision known to me.

The day she was leaving, we were close pretty close but now I wasn't surprised.

She ended the call after nodding to an agreement which I knew nothing about.

She walked closer, to me. Bending in front of me as she had made us sit on the wet floor. Both hands, handcuffed together same as Simon.

She looked straight at me, but I did leave no expression.

"Call this a small sweet revenge.Já faz anos, é bom ver você mais uma vez, Lora Halt. "

"Is it? Let me loose, I show I haven't missed ya in a long time."

She smiled, punching my jaw hard. My head bent, at the other side. I spat out blood.

"Who's fault was it?" You got me into this shit."

"Ah, could you guys put your voice down. Some guys are coming."

That was Simon's, we looked straight at where they were coming, their cars making a speeding sound.

"He's here."

Dina said, as she kept looking. They stopped, some inches away from us, they hopped outta the car. But I was waiting to see someone else.

Their boss, he did get off slowly. In a dark hat, his head bent not revealing his face.

"This is gonna be a wonderful day after all."

He raised up his head gradually. Revealing his face, smiling at me. It was no other than.
***Alexander Roy***

My Ex.


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