Fallen Unknowingly.



Today I have a meeting with dad and Mr.zuca at 12:00pm. I'm attending to get a idea about their thoughts and for the first time I'm going to meet Mr.zuca. I heard a lot about him in London amd from my dad too.

"Sanjay I think... We should call the designing people to our company and finish the project here itself. It will give us a clear idea about their designs and as well as we can make changes if needed... simultaneously. What do you think?" Miss.Julie said. We are checking out some financial files regarding new company in Delhi.

"Hmm... You're right Miss.Julie. First inform them about our thought then let them decide what they want to do?. Is that okay!". Miss.Julie nodded and we started working on files. I learnt a lot from her in these few days. I can call her as my expert. Miss.Julie informed to Mr.Malhotra about working here and they said no problem. I have more 1 hour for meeting its 11:00AM. I'm checking few college's for higher studies...

"Hey, Sanjay!!!!" That's Aron.

"Hello man. You're here? all okay?" I didn't expected him here, he had a meeting today with Rock band...

"Yeah, of course everything is okay." He said.

"Then what made you surprise me?" What happened?

"Hmm... I know. Fine, I'm done with my meeting and they want me in their band. But the thing is I should sign a contract with them....." Okay now its interesting. I nodded looking at him and he continued.

"In that contract they specified that I should work for them.... Only for them. I know its a band but I'm not the correct person. So I said....thanks but no thanks." I know Aron.

"As you know I can't do injustice to them. They're good at their place. So I left it." I just nodded.

"Want to eat?" I ask him.

"No. Let me ask you this firstly. You said Sanvi had a contract with your company and she is working as a designer for your Delhi project. Then where is she?" He said.

"I said it and that doesn't mean I'm going have each and every information of her right?" I said as checking on lappy about college's.

"Sir, from Gupta designers Mr.Malhotra and Mr.Adhi are here." Receptionist said.

"Okay, send them in." I said. After few minutes they came and I stood as karan came in.

"Hello Mr.Shirvey."

"Call me Sanjay, Mr.Karan." He nodded. I said them about our thought of working here and they agreed. I informed Miss.Julie to show them their cabins and she took care of them.

"I'm really sorry that Sanvi is not present because of ....you know what happened yesterday." Karan said and I said its okay. They left my cabin.

"So what happened yesterday?" Aron asked.

"Your cutie Sanvi had sprain in her ankle. She can't walk well. So I said her to work from home for one day."

"How's she now?" Aron asked. 

"Yesterday, her condition is not that good but I think she is okay now." He just nodded.

"Sanjay meeting will start in 5min." Miss.Julie said.

"And we have to present our designs its better to take help of Gupta designers." I just nodded at her idea. She went to them and informed. I said Aron to go home as I don't know how much time will it take?. 

Meeting started and designs are also presented. Mr.zuca looks like he is happy after seeing our plans. He appreciated our work. Meeting took 2hours and now its 2:00pm. 
Karan, Adhi, dad, Mr.zuca, Miss.Julie and me are having our lunch.

" I think we can throw a party for this work what say Raman?." Mr.zuca said to dad.

"Of course Marcel.. I'm glad to have a Party." Dad said.

"Then tomorow evening we can throw the party no worries right.?" We all nodded and started speaking normal things.

After that we all back to our works. As I have nothing to do I started reading automobile engineering.....well it will help me in new project too....

"Sanjay its 4:00PM. I'm leaving and I think you have to leave." Miss.Julie said. I just nodded at her point and she left.

"Sanjay, we completed few designs and Sanvi completed few designs too... You can have look at them once. Sanvi said that she will mail you directly she want some time to make them process..." Karan said and gave the pen drive in which he stored the data.

"Thank you so much Karan. Don't forget the we have a party tomorow." He nodded and left. I said same to Adhi.

I went to parking and left. In the mid way, I thought of visiting Sanvi. After an 1 hour 30 min I reached her home.

"Hey Verna!!! " she looked at me in shock. Well, she didn't expected me at this time.

"Hi bf shocking!!!!but it's okay." She said.

"What about your project? Everything is done perfectly?" I ask her and she said the whole story about what happened? I have to say that she really worked hard on that. Her mom gave me juice. I didn't saw Sanvi around me its been 30min here.

"Where is Sanvi?" I asked Verna.

"Ho...she is working on Top from morning. Even she ate there itself." Okay..,I know she is an idiot.

"I will be back." I said and left to Teres. When I reached there she is searching something with her hand looking at her lappy. There is only a bottle so I handed her that.

"Thank you." She said, as she took it and then realised that its me. She turned slowly towards me. And stood up suddenly without any care on lappy. Thank god its on table if not it may be the last day for that.

"Are you for real?" She said.

"Why?? Are you assuming me?" I said .

"No no no ... I don't mean that... I mean..uhh... I mean how did you know that I'm on Teres?." She said. I can see the shock in her eyes.

"Well its not a mystery to find you. Verna said it. I'm here to inform that we have a party tomorow because of work we done. Mr.zuca and my dad planned this party. So you're invited." Before I complete she fell down.

"Why did you stand when you know that your ankle is not good." I said.


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