Chapter 7


We came out of the club, I opened my car door for her and take her to me apartment. It's was just ten min ride from club to home. I opened the door of my apartment and let her go in first . She step in and I locked the door behind. 

She turn towards me and I pin her on wall placing my hands on her waist and and her head. She just look at me and blink several time with her long eyelashes. I kissed her forehead, her jawline,her cheeks and noes and not end but her pinky juicy lips. I give her gentle and soft kiss and she kissed me back the same, I bit on her lower lip to get access to her mouth and she opened it. Our tongue fight for the dominance when I explore the every corner of her mouth. I never felt something like this I feel when I touch her, when I kiss her.There is something that clicked between us that time and I don't know what it was,i just want her here and now. There is something that want me to worship her,  to love her.  I deepen our kiss  taking her more close to me and tuck my hand in her silky Burnett hairs. My hands moved down to her back at the zipper of her dress. 
" 'You can stop me if you want. " I asked her breaking our kiss. 
But to her response I get a kiss from her and I got my answer.  We again kissed but this one is not gentle and soft it's hungry, telling our needs to each other, it's urgent . When my hand reach her zipper her hand reach from my buttons. I unzipped her and she unbuttoned me at the same time. I kissed her neck and take her hands in mine and pinned them on the top of her head. I kissed her collarbone and them her cleavage. Lifting her in my arms and she encircled her legs around my waist. I take her to bed while kissing her.I nibble  her breast nipple and she  shudder under me. I love it how I feel her having under me. Her eyes are close and her cheeks are red that make her more wanting. I want to kiss and lick every single inch of her skin . And so far we both know that this night is gonna be very very long. I nibble  both her nipples one by one. Moving my  hand to her clit I start rubbing it slowly and got  sweet moans from her. I insert my one finger in her  only to know how wet is she for me. I do her fingering while kissing her neck, her cleavage her breast. She is fucking having every perfect curve one could ever think of. I bent to her ear and nibble it leaving a mark on it along with many marks on her neck. "Open your eyes, baby!! " I said and she opened. She was so shy, I can see from the color of her cheeks. I continue fingering her and kissing her. I take my finger out and lick them, her nectar is amazing, her eyes get widen seeing me licking her nectar. I take off my pants and boxer and get over her. 
" Are you ready ?? " I asked her, and wrap condom before setting me at her entrance.
" Yes!! " She said .

" I want words sweetheart!! " I said. 

" I want you. " She said and close her eyes. 

"You know what I want you to say. Baby!! " She clutch the bed sheets in hands. 

" I want you to love me ,Please! Adyen.." Oh fuck!! Even I can't control me after hearing my name for the first time on her lips.

I thrust in. She is so fucking tight.
She let out hiss and arched her back giving me more access to her breast. I start moving slowly slowly and her painful hiss start changing into pleasurable moans.  We went long that night . She left marks on my shoulders with her nails digging in and I left my marks on her neck. I don't know how many times she came , but at last I slept cuddling her near me. I never did this before with anyone but for her I feel like having her close to me. 


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