My Wife, My Mafia Queen.


Fall POV

"Damn! I swear if my dress gets  blood stains, I'll rip your throat out! And send it to the charity!" said Winter

Miserable screams in the dark you could hear and that's because of us. 

"You should know, I'm the one's who takes contro-----" 

"Stop singing you f*cking dumbass!" said Summer to Spring who's now stop from singing.

"Seriouly Summer?! Let's sing! It's no big deal! Oh wait, hey f*ckers are you guys done lying on the floor? Gosh all of you are so lazy today!  Wait until I tell your stupid boss, that he's allies are f*cking stupid like his!" Said Spring and he punched the man who's trying to stand up and now in the end he's back on the floor again.

We laughed.

In a certain area, dark and creepy. We were driving to get the prospect but this men's stop us, they declared a war. Like seriously? who will declared a war with us? the hell seasons? I mean they know we are under the mafia queen and they dare to mess with us?!

"Please, please show mercy on us. please." a man crawl towards me 

I looked at Summer, Spring and Winter they have the face empathy now, we don't kill people who's innocent and we don't kill people just to have fun.

We kill because it needed.

I smirked and looked at the guy.

"We don't know the word mercy, f*cker." 

And I kicked him that made his eyeballs turn and boom he's now lying on the ground, dead perhaps.

We continue fighting a hundred mens, well it's kinda thoughtful that the big boss of them doesn't estimate our ability. 

"Gosh, they are so slow and there moves are so so last year." heard Spring said. 


We were busy fighting this men when I felt in the pocket that my cellphone vibrate. I get my phone and after that I saw three men approaching me. "Wait! F*ckers! Before you meet your death, I'll just get a sneak peek in my phone." I stop them. 

And of course they're stupid as f*ck, they stop running towards me.


The prospect is moving so fast! 

I saw the three men are nodding to each others. Arghh I grab my gun and shot them with only three bullets only. I don't want to waste my bullets they're are so expensive!

"Hey Bit*hes! Lets go, the prospect are moving too fast, better get him before the sun come out!" I louudly said.

Saw them nodding. And before a blink of an eye, there's no men left standing they're on the ground lying miserable and bleeding.

"Look Winter! Your dress gets a big stain!"   Spring said and waking towards me. 

Winter on the other hand, looking at her dress. "F*ck! where?!" exagerately said. 

Spring laughed "I was just joking,Wints." and winked at her.

Spring in the other hand is jolly and a brat sometimes. But don't underestimate her, her skills are deadly and messed with her she totally ripped you apart and can make you crazy as f*ck.

"F*ck yourself, Spring." 

Winter on the other hand suits her name. Cold as ever but beware of her she can totally f*ck your life. In the means of breaking your heart into million pieces. She cannot melted her ice in very easy way. No one can tame her. 

"Hey, let's go! Before I got million germs here. Arghh were's my alcohol, geez." she said and go straight to the van. 

That's Summer. She care about her cleanliness sometimes. Summer in the other hand is your not so typical playgirl. Yep, a playgirl, she love partying all night and of course playing on night with someone she barely knew.

While me in the other hand are opposite to them. I'm a point like a nerd girl. I hacked and fight at the same time. Technoloy is my specialty.

Me, Spring and Winter follow Summer on the van. And I called someone to clean the mess here. Spring is driving the van whie Summer is sitting beside her while me and Winter on the backseat and the two backseat are empty. 

After a minute now, my phone vibrated again.

"Hey bit*hes, the queen is calling." I coldly said

Spring screams like she's being beaten like someting. "Kyaahhhhh! Don't answer it! I don't want to be dead in the end of the day!"

"You're over reacting b*tch." Summer hissed.

"Here's an idea! Spring answer that call, gave it to her Fall." and Winter smirked.

"Kyaahhhh, Fall you're so mean! Fall gave it to her! Maybe she will lose her heartless coldness if she heard our evil queen's voice!" 

Then me and Summer laughed. Well we're enjoying when Wints and Spring are firghting like these. They're are acting like a kid.

"Shut up!" Winter said

We just shake our heads. 

"Fine, I'll anwer it. Just hope that I got a chance to see the sun after I answer this call." I said teasingly.

They laughed,

"Your coffin is on me." said Winter

"Your death flowers is on me." said Summer

"Your coffee and bread is on me!" said Spring


They laughed, I raise and an eye brow."Shut up bit*hes!" I said

I cleared my throat before answering the call.

"Where the f*ck all of you?! And where the hell is my f*cking groom?!" 

I sighed before I lie.

" He's on his way, queen."




Edited: 29.12.2020

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