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"HEY DON'T TOUCH your veil again. Uff, I'll have to fix it again.!" Cassiopeia screeched, chiding me like a teacher. 

"Ughhhh, okay boss." I mimicked like a little kid, rolling my eyes. 

"Aren't you all nervous and going all haywire? You know, wedding jitters?" She asked while tucking the net cloth with more pins. Everything was looking hazy to me. It wouldn't be my fault if I end up embarrassing myself or even stepping over someone's foot. 

I was ready and most of the workers and assistants have been sent out to enjoy the wedding. It was just me and Cassiopeia in the room. 

"Nah, I am so bored. You guys woke me up at six. You know when I slept at night? At two. And the wedding will befall at eleven." I huff and pause for a second. "Even if you guys would have woke me up at ten I'd have got ready in ten minutes and attended the wedding." I shook my head out of irritation. And a tired yawn escaped my mouth. 

"You are made up of something different baby girl. Other girls would literally bawl their eyes out out of anticipation."

Little did she know that this isn't a marriage like everyone had as an outcome of love and promises. Okay, I admit this marriage too has promised but not those which all the couples make. This marriage was just a transaction, and nothing more. 

And moreover, last night I made myself believe that one year of my life wouldn't matter so much after all I am too getting merit out of this deal. There was no reason to freak out. Rather I should be calm and composed, ready to tackle any kind of vexation in future. I needed to keep my shield high to avoid any consequences. That was my plan. 

"Okay, let's take a few pictures." Cassie beamed, pulling me out of my mesh of musings. 

We took a few pictures, single and together, evil face and pouty. That moment only, there was a knock on the door. 

Christian and Rohanna came, looking as ravishing as ever. Christian had a black checkered tuxedo set while Rohanna wore the bridesmaid dress- midnight blue, sparkling satin dress with spaghetti straps and it reached a few inches past the knees. Cassiopeia too wore a similar dress. It was topped with diamond necklaces and classic, designer heels. 

"Oh, you guys are here. I thought it was Lia's dad." Cassie beamed. That sentence hit a nerve. 

Christian and Rohanna both looked at me with an apologetic, sympathetic look for they knew that no one was invited from my side. 

"He's gone." I versed out carefully. My voice dropped a few decibels and so did my head. 

"Oh." I faintly hear Cassiopeia whisper.

"I'll walk with Lia down the aisle." Christian confessed solemnly and extended his hand. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Rohanna smiling proudly and prodded me to accept the proffer. 

I ignored his hand for a second and jumped on him, throwing my arms above his neck, hugging him tightly and suppressing my sob.

For a second, I couldn't feel anything nor did I have words to express my feelings. I was simply overwhelmed and it was hard to stop myself from crying out of happiness and end up destroying the labour of two fucking hours. My makeup. 

Christian's hand caressed the back of my head while the other one held me up to him. 

"Just remember, you aren't alone. From now on, I am your brother before I am Theo's brother. I promise." I whispered in my ear and I gripped him tighter. 

I sniffled and said in the same tone as his, "Don't say these all stuff now. I don't wanna look like Harley Quin at my wedding." 

He chuckled and said, "I want a favour. The plan is with me."

"What is it?" I tried to come out of the hug but his arm held me at place. 

"You'll know when the time is right." And with that he let me go. 

I murmured an 'Okay' and smiled sheepishly. 

"Oi Lia, I am sorry. I didn't know-" I cut Cassiopeia by hugging her too and soon I see Rohanna giving me the puppy dog eyes. I lifted my other hand and she entered our trio embrace. 

"Say cheese." Christian said and when we all were unprepared a photo was snapped and then we all laughed, still holding each other while he kept clicking pictures. He himself was enjoying it, throwing side comments and all. 

The feeling of being charged and blissful, happy and complete finally surfaced into my being. 

"Shall we?" Christian said, raising his eyebrows playfully. He tucked out his hand for me and I snaked mine with him. 

"Yes, please." I looked up to him and titled my head saying 'let's go'.

"Hey, let me just check for the last time if everything is in place." Cassie yelled, running up to us. 

"No need, exerting is perfect." Christian inserted even before I could deny. 

We made eye contact and then I nodded answering this silent question 'I am being a cool bro right?'. We both laughed as giddiness marched through my veins. 



Hey lovely readers!

This is an important announcement so don't skip it.

I have been struggling with a writers block since quiet a few days. Even this chapter was written a few days back but I wasn't happy with my performance so I didn't publish it.

I no longer feel like I am giving my best. I write ten words and then go blank. I keep staring at the screen but no words come form my heart.

I am kinda mentally disturbed plus a commotion going in my personal life; in total I need a break, I need it.

I hope you guys will understand my feelings and not demand for an update.

It might take me a week or two or even a month. In the same way, I might be back in two or three days. But I don't expect you guys to expect anything right now and please be good.

Don't ask for updates Coz I have nothing written.

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