the internet .

what an imaginary sweet big world where we are free to be who we want

the internet the  new freaky crazy lovely world where you can meet these and those

the internet . this big little sweet scary world .

but just like everything . there is the fake , there is the real
there is who claim to be religuios and there is who claim to be carless
and in fact he care the most 
everybody plays the role they love online and some people are just there to
learn or simply have fun

so oneday salma was checking groups about her dream country ireland
she wanted to see how 's life there and she was so excited to talk to
anyone from there to know about their culture and life

salma was very excited and passionate 

a girl from the middle east . she didnt know what to expect about foreigners 

are they good people ? are they racists ? are they free lovers ?

too many questions !

then she decided to explore and see how it workd and what will happen

she was just un sure what nick name she should use

middle eastern queen ?? . Arbian princess ? hmmm too cheesy lol

lets think about something fun . salma said to herself .

then finally she used
neck name (Sugar) coz she loves sweets
this was her name in these groups  
and she added many people . some of them were Racists , some
were very nice but too busy to start talk with foriegn girl
and some were so friendly and talked to her alot but she became so close
to an irish guy named ( chris) at first he was making fun of her neck name 
he was so friendly and nice to her . never made her feel she is foriegn or different 
and he was always there for her  talking to her when she was lonely
and when she needs advice

its so strange but it was so real , her feelings for him 
 she adored everything about him . how open he was , how friendly . how loving , how accepting 
he was also so intersted in her . they used to chat for hours
learning from each other , talking about everything in the world
and oneday they decided to have voice calls to hear each other's voices

salma liked everything about him i mean he is so different like a knight from so far away

and chris found in her everything he wanted in a woman 

she was very kind , romantic and sweet . so soft like  exotic pink flower

they loved chatting every night even when they were budy they made time for each other

at first they talked about life , school . books then they started to get close 

they shared their dreams and fears .

they talked about their cultures and they found they are very similar yet different

salma and chris simply completed each other
and after that they became more closer . coz each one of them was sincere
after one year they decided to see each other . chris decided to visit
salma's country but she refused and said its better if she visited him
coz in her country she wont be as free as in his country . she wanted to get so comfortable 
coz in her country many of family members or friends would bother
her and she wanted to spend time with chris  without fear
and worrying 

so she spent a whole year saving Money and getting ready to meet chris
she really did not know if he is just her friend or she loves him . its too insane to love someone you never met in real life . but what she was sure about is she really want to meet him 
and she told her family that she is going in trip to ireland coz 
its for work and her family accepted after she begged them alot
and the day come . she arrived to ireland . she was very happy
yet excited she will meet chris 
and she found him sitting alone waiting her in the air port
and when she met him she was confused . her innerself
was saying hug him . her mind was saying just shake his hands
her heart says show love . her mind says he is just a friend so
dont do something stupid and after war between her heart and mind
chris came and said " how are you my Arabic princess btw you look
more beautiful than the pictures and video chats you are really as sweet as sugar
at this moment salma smiled and was so blushed and just said
I love you 

christ said . what ?
salma said i meat i love ireland . its so beautiful
excuse my English . you know its not my languge
chris smiled and said okay . now lets go 
salma was very shy and at same time happy
when they were in the car she used to look at him when he is not looking 
and when he noticed she was looking she used to look away
and then they arrived to the hotel and he told her 
salma id leave you rest now and id come to you after 2 hours okay
salma said okay and then he left her alone
salma was very happy and excited and confused 
and she was very shy at same time excited 
so many feelings and emotions . war between heart and mind
then she was very busy getting ready to meet him again 
and after 2 hours he came and she was trying to be not shy any more
and when he came they decided to go out together . salma was feeling
like she is dreaming . chris noticed she is shy so he wanted
to make her feel comfortable . he asked her many questions
about how many days she will stay and about life  . she became more 
comfortable and not shy anymore . and they talked like they were chatting
free and not shy


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