The Day Our Sky Split Open


The day our sky split open.

The day our sky split open had begun just like any other. I had been late to work by about ten minutes thanks to the morning rush of traffic causing a brutal accident on the city roads; it hadn’t been too big a deal in terms of how long we were delayed. During the wait, I’d left my boss a text advising him of the situation and promising I’d be in as soon as possible. Thankfully, it was a weekday. A Tuesday, in fact, so we weren’t going to be too busy and I wasn't missing out on much.

Though, I couldn’t help but think; What if that was me? Had I crashed on my way into work, would I have prayed to the Gods above that I’d make it out the other side?
I’d never considered myself religious, but it was often that such thoughts and questions crossed my mind on the nights where I looked out across the stars that made me, in the correct terms, superstitious.

Nevertheless, the day went on as planned. The meeting I turned up to was bland, boring and seemed to never end. I was sure if the Secretary went on for much longer I was going to fall asleep at the table. I found myself thanking the Lord for the coffee that I’d picked up from the corridor vending machine, and then pausing.
It had been the second time that day that I’d caught myself thinking about God.
Again, the questions sprang up.
Had it been a divine intervention that gave me the previous inclination to get the beverage?
Did God act in little movements that sometimes we didn’t think about?

Of course, the coffee was almost as tasteless as the meeting, but I still drank it and found myself smiling. It almost felt like I had someone on my side.
Someone up in the stars.

The workday continued, it wasn’t until late that I was released from the office. I was feeling surprisingly great and so I treated myself to a small stop at my local bakery. I used to be a regular there; They were all lovely people and I was once a favourite of theirs. When I entered, the sweet scent was refreshing and filled my senses.
“Oh my God!”
I was broken from my thoughts as the worker noticed me and realization hit them. We embraced, talked, laughed. They even gave me a free cake, telling me to put my wallet away when I reached for my card.
It was a warming sensation.

But again I felt my thoughts captured by their earlier exclamation.
There had to be something or someone.
It had been the big question of the universe, the beliefs of so many as to the deities that watched over them, cared for them, put food in their stomachs and a helping hand on their shoulder where needed.

I spent the evening in my small garden, eating the cake that felt somehow sweeter and more filling than usual. I was just looking up at the stars, breathing in the cold night air that occupied my lungs more satisfyingly than ever before.
That was when I noticed it.
That was when the world noticed it.
The stars above us shifted, some blinking out, others brightening in intensity. At first, it was beautiful.
Then, we felt the earth shift, as if someone had pulled a rug from under our feet.

And as I and the occupants of my little world stared up at the sky in confusion, terror, and disbelief, watching as like a lid the sky was cracked open and removed, I understood.
They weren’t stars, they had never been stars.
Whatever Gods we had, were always watching and had always been looking after us, and now truly were staring down at their people with beady eyes.
After all; They were the ones who had put the lid on our box, having poked the holes in the cover of our enclosure that we so aptly named Stars, as so that we could breathe.

This was the day, our sky split open.

Ace of Prince

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Edited: 20.08.2019

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