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Sandy T.: Cthulhu - 4: Flotsam & Jetsam (pt 3)

(PULP CTHULHU) Session 4– Character: SANDY TALES


Gus, sweetie…

I don’t think I can keep this charade up much longer. There’s something very important to tell you, but I will wait until the end because I don’t want it to get in the way of the mission report. But let’s say you may have to send Vashe to take my place soon. I know he probably isn’t ready; however, time is limited and I feel you are going to want to keep an eye on your friends.

I feel like I failed you, miserably. Failed everyone. Apologize to them for me, should things go awry. I know you are close to locating Jacob and have already found Julie and the others, so I have that relief at least.

Since I haven’t heard from you, I hope you are alive and well. I know Vashe would have sought me out in something happened—but still. I worry every waking moment. You aren’t as young as when we met, don’t forget. Don’t push yourself too much. The Aegis Program is important, but if you die, it will fall apart. Who would lead the Ragnarok Organization? What Fate would befall the world?

I worry too much. *Ahem* I also shouldn’t be talking about any of this, I know. But our courier can be trusted. Hero would never fail us in delivering you a message. It was good you recruited him.

So… without further ado… here’s my report… Fuehrer Zolomon. (btw I hate calling you that. I mean I know why you chose that title—but still. It doesn’t fit you or your purpose. Hero is giving me a dirty look; I’d better get on with it.).


Professor Finch, your old associate sent an invitation. He requested that Victor, Carlo, Dale and I all meet him at a fancy restaurant. I was busy with my training. I tell you; I just can’t get the hang of that book on electrical repair or those archeology books—or the occult ones. And don’t even ask me to read that one black-covered one. Just looking at it gives me goose bumps.

However, since it is part of the mission, I decided I would attend. I don’t want to disappoint Finch. How are you friends again?

I arrive d at the restaurant at the scheduled time and who do I see outside but Victor von Victor. In his arms he held a bundle, and the moment I saw it, I rolled my eyes and mentally sighed.

He had brought me a nice dress to wear. I guess my jacket and suit weren’t good enough to dine at the establishment in question. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE dresses? Leaving all that empty air between my legs. And the perverts out there who try their damnedest to get a peek. Not that I have too much of a problem with that. I just know you said to be conservative right now.

I accepted the gift and headed for the alley, but Victor quickly redirected me inside and escorted me to the ladies’ room.

It was snug. Too snug. But the color was nice, and the stockings and gloves were cute too. I hated the shoes. They were low heels, but heels none the less. At least they were open toed. You know how much work it is to make boots look that way? Finding nice footwear here is not an easy task.

Victor was still outside the ladies’ room when I emerged fifteen minutes later. He clearly didn’t want me to slip past him. I gave him a look with an inquisitory eyebrow. Clearly, he didn’t realize I was married. Regardless, I allowed him to lead me to the bar… where they served juice and water…. But I did see a Sparkling Cider… so, I went with that. I could use some rum, honestly. Illegal to drink. When I get back to the base, we’re having a rum contest, old man. We’ll see who can drink more. I will drink you under the table!

So, it turns out Victor just wanted to have a little chat with me. I found that out after I told him I’m married and showed him my onyx ring. He told me he’s not into women. I was quite surprised about that. And you told ME to be conservative. I thought about sharing the story about Trinity Gale… but no… that is thoroughly embarrassing. That is why I no longer drink around women. Pervert.

Victor showed me an article of scientific data—it was called “Frog Talk” by one M.J. Lempert. Never heard of them. But the article contained a lot of things I know little about. DNA, chromosomes, etc. You might know better—Go ask Dr. Gale—She better be staying away from you. If the bitch knows what’s good for her.

I told Victor I didn’t really understand it at all, but I got the gist. He’s interested in his heritage. What’d you call them? Deep Ones?

Victor also kindly asked me to try using words instead of speaking with my machete next time (referring to the Alchemist). I reluctantly agreed.

Mr. Finch arrived eventually, and we all met at the table. He was looking spry for an old man. Not as spry as you, I think he actually needed his cane.

Annnnd of course, Carlo was nowhere to be seen.

It was Victor, Dale, Finch, and me.

Finch apologized for Mr. Cleaver of Strange But True. I think I got his name wrong before. It’s all a blue. Maybe it’s withdrawal from drinking rum. But anyway, Cleaver and Finch now have a strained friendship He apologized again to Victor—Cleaver was not supposed to send us into harm’s way, while knowing of Victor’s heritage…

But in any case, the word was, we shouldn’t have to be worrying about that Deep One family from Innsmouth, but to still be careful.

Finch even offered Victor the chance to research at Miskatonic University. They have a great library supposedly. Mayhap Victor learn something regarding his fishy-ness.

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