Read My Book, 'the Eternal Night'..!!

Author: Martha Martin / Posted: 23.04.21, 20:50:59

Hello readers, I'm Martha and I would like suggest you to checkout my book, 'The Eternal Night'. Link : The Eternal Night read books online, download fb2 mobi epub on Booknet It's vampire-Human romance story, with background fights and conflicts. I'm participating in ongoing contest 'The beauty and The Beast' with this story, so I hope you will read my story and give it a like...!! Please follow me and Like that story if you found my work interesting!! 

Thank you Guys..! Happy Holiday...!!

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23.04.2021, 22:11:47

Going to read it because I saved it, but please include a link next time which takes your reader straight to your work. Thank you.

Martha Martin
24.04.2021, 00:40:26

SESaunders, Thank you so much dear..!! You really took so much efforts to explain me. I'm very thankful towards your suggestion to add link. I'll always do it in future.
Good Night dear!! Sweet dreams..☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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