Need beta Readers to help keeping me on track

Author: Chris Wilson / Posted: 16.04.19, 23:35:26

Okay, second rough draft of Chapter 9 is up, I need feedback on it, please. Is this chapter getting too dark? Also, is this becoming too much like my Fallen Angel story? If so, should I change it? (make it a more real life like where people stay dead or keep writing it where a couple of people can never truly die).


I am trying my best to keep Dream Life... ...Storyline different from the Fallen Angel but I do not know if the storylines are starting to run together. I really need help with Dream Life. Comment on my wall or comment in the chapter and share with your friends and let them know that I need all the help I can truly get for this book. Have a great sinful day, night, my Sadomasochist readers  


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