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Always with you

Angel Tannu

Story about:incomplete love story, age gap, a female student and male teacher

Age restriction: 18+

7 43

#179 in Inspiration romance
#689 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 17 May 4 pages

Publication: 17.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Always with you"

A girl falls in love with her teacher and comes in relationship with him. They lived happily for some time but then the girl left him but can't move on but the boy moved on with another girl after few months but afterwards that girl got married to another man and that (lead man) got heart broken. And somehow the girl got to know about his condition and returned to his life. But this time the made a promise to be with each other for some time and during this period the man have to got married to a good girl of his family's choice so that she can took care of him whole life. But till then they have to love each other and be loyal with each other. After they got married to the person of their family's choices they always be with each other when needed.


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