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An Emotionless Guy - Life without emotions

An Emotionless Guy

Story about:
bully, an unexpected love story, an emotionless guy


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Description of book "An Emotionless Guy - Life without emotions"

This is the story about Kim who is a high school boy, surviving his teenage years and from birth he is an introvert and he didn't made any friends, he is socially awkward and don't know how to react to situations.

But the major problem is that, he is a person without any emotions, so it will be interesting on seeing, how he will survive these situations which his normal life will put him in.

Let's go to the journey, you never even thought about.

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Phoenix Still in ash 17.06.2020, 07:19:40

please update it soon!! please

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An Emotionless Guy 21.06.2020, 17:20:53

Nikee Singh, I really appreciate that you like it

yaswitha 08.06.2020, 09:31:43

need 2nd chapter

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An Emotionless Guy 08.06.2020, 12:23:21

yaswitha, Brother new chapter is out

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