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And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

Nicole Armas

Story about:angels, demons, angst

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#199 in Dark fantasy

Complete 6 pages

Publication: 18.05.2019 — 18.05.2019

Description of book "And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return"

The Archangel Michael survives the extermination of his kind and is left to deal with the bloody aftermath of Heaven's destruction.

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Ryo Francis 17.11.2019, 00:55:15

Cool setting :)

Again nicely written!

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Nicole Armas 17.11.2019, 02:47:38

Ryo Francis, Thank you very much!

Sam Holte 19.05.2019, 14:10:00


Douglass Millsap 18.05.2019, 13:05:07

looks like an epic end of some novel

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