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Ongoing: 29 Jul 56 pages

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Description of book "And We Met Again"

''H-H- hey, Sandy! please....'' Aditya Singh Raizada, the billionaire was saying to his old classmate pulling her hands whom he actually loves.It was kinda weird to see him crying for a girl.
''stop it, Adi!'' Sandy said in a grief manner.
''I don't want you to love me back. I just wanted to tell you what I actually feel for you.'' He said pleading.
''Just shut the fuck up! you've no idea about what you are saying. you've completely lost your mind.'' Sandy again shouted.
''Sandy, please don't leave me. I would be a living hell without you. ju- just please sa- n---dyyyy'' he was saying but she's already left.
let's see whether these two love birds with a lot of misunderstandings can reunite or not....


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Priscilla Zulueta
27.07.2021, 16:58:42

large fonts please

miss paik
28.07.2021, 14:18:01

Priscilla Zulueta, you can change your font size by clicking on the plus sign on your settings.

Little Mermaid
27.07.2021, 13:00:33

Would you like to do follow for follow.
I am new in Booknet

25.07.2021, 19:27:58

its totally Adi's mistake. if i hv been in her place i would hv slapped him. he played with her future n sorry n regrets cant memd them. how can he choose such cheap tactics to force her to cm to playground. but dis is novel author already made her develop feeling towards him when he touched her hands.i cant handle if she accept him n forgive him. so i quit

26.07.2021, 14:25:50

miss paik, ok

Jayashri Mane
25.07.2021, 10:12:50

Amazing story I really like i

Jayashri Mane
25.07.2021, 12:29:45

miss paik, ya sure

Dolly Gupta
19.07.2021, 08:48:53

Waiting for next updates

miss paik
19.07.2021, 07:14:35

Dolly Gupta, gonna upload soon...

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