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Description of book "Angel over devil"

A 1 year old chubby baby is playing on the veranda, covered in his own pee , not aware of the cruelty of people around him.old lady is looking at him with vicious eyes planning how else to torture this poor little soul,suddenly she and her daughter looked at each other than looking at the happy baby with abhorrent. All of sudden baby picked something with his tiny chubby hands something green which his cruel grandmother had thrown near him deliberately and started chewing it when bitter chilly does its work baby's shrill cry resonated throughout the house ,farya who was as usual working day and night in the kitchen thinking her laadla is playing happily run towards him "ALLAH" this is the only word escaped from her mouth .The scene she will never forget, her baby all muddy and covered


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Alen Spot
15.04.2022, 07:48:09

I had tears in my eyes when I read it... just two chaps could sway my emotions so much...
good writing :)

Monika sanhotra
15.04.2022, 09:45:18

Comment has been deleted

Sk Jio
14.04.2022, 15:53:50

interesting... excited for next chapter

Monika sanhotra
14.04.2022, 16:17:10

Sk Jio, Thank you ,surely dear working on it ..

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