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Beautiful lies

Claudia D.

Story about:marriage of convenience, mates

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "Beautiful lies"

Eylwinn Svanidze is only eighteen. She just started to taste what the eternal life of a fae has to offer, when her grandfather, Theres Svanidze, the Emperor of Athines, fall sick. Now Eylwinn has to marry a stranger so she can keep the throne and not let the Svanidze bloodline die, even if she wishes a pure love and a soulmate.
Hanlon Rede is the youngest son of the cruel Duke, Jonah Rede. After 100 years of his father's brutality, Hanlon sees an opportunity: marry the princess and get away from the devilish Duke. He doesn`t care about love, all he wants is freedom. But a meeting with a strange girl destroys all his plans because now all he can think about is the one his heart screams for.

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