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Contract Marriage

Ashleh Queen

Series: Contract Marriage

Story about:pregnancy, divorcee, forced

Age restriction: 18+

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#2 in Contemporary Romance
#4 in Romantic erotica

Complete 243 pages

Publication: 02.06.2019 — 17.09.2019

Description of book "Contract Marriage"

"Please let me go. I swear I won't tell anyone." At last I managed to say with my teary and hoarse voice while he has me pinned on my own bed.

I tried to wriggle out but I was no match to his strength. I wanted to scream help and plead to him more but the lust in his eyes and his bulge on my stomach was telling me that he won't back off no matter what.

"Shhhh, Don't worry sweety. Nothing will happen without your consent. So, I am giving you one whole minute to relax and give in." His mouth was so close to mine that his lips almost brushed mine while he said those words.
Jame Monroe is 27, divorced, believe that she is Barren and living a life of a loner.
Alexander Black, 30, and an attractive bachelor. A successful business man. But he is self centered, impulsive and a control freak.

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Nancy Bersamina Tubiera 26.10.2020, 02:35:44

Wow the main character met but in not a good way but it will be more exciting & fascinating

Nancy Bersamina Tubiera 26.10.2020, 02:01:28

It seems to be very interesting.I feel it will be very exciting.

Mar Nie 25.10.2020, 17:08:06

You are an amazing writer

Alero Duvie 25.10.2020, 02:19:22

Wonderful, the scenes is more of areality than fiction

Juliet Nwana 24.10.2020, 18:05:01

A very interesting story, but it didn't end well

Harlyza Irwan 24.10.2020, 17:14:03

i was hoping something else happen to alex n jane


Buenos días estoy fascinada con tu libro,muchas felicitaciones.

Nadia Maidin 24.10.2020, 12:51:18

More updates pls. The story is quite interesting

Precious Simon 23.10.2020, 23:58:00

Where can I get d part 2 of book contract marriage

Priyanka VP 23.10.2020, 10:57:25

my ever fav

Wilfreda Uy Maribao 23.10.2020, 07:25:02

You are an amazing writer

Pavithra Arjun 22.10.2020, 10:26:18


wilma tamesis 21.10.2020, 20:55:00

It’s interesting, I hope the second part will be less of the abused and humiliation for Jane.

Okunlola Folake Olushola 21.10.2020, 17:45:50


Harlyza Irwan 21.10.2020, 14:05:30

he is do abused her badly...i cant even imagine it...

Harlyza Irwan 21.10.2020, 07:32:03

i feel pity for jane....but these book is interesting....

Stephen Mubok 21.10.2020, 01:05:29

interesting far so good

Elmarie Beukes 20.10.2020, 22:09:50

Very interesting

Ima-Abasi Jackson 20.10.2020, 18:50:34

Lovely piece

Mallika Krishnan 20.10.2020, 12:34:54

nice story ..

Maricel Salvacion 20.10.2020, 09:11:59

You are an amazing writer

Melon Chan 20.10.2020, 05:22:59

I don't get it.

wilma tamesis 19.10.2020, 18:52:32

Yah! You are an amazing writer.

Mary Jean Jungco 19.10.2020, 13:50:28

i like the story very much...hoping to read book to of contract marraige..

Farzana Mulla 18.10.2020, 22:12:21

I feel bad for Jane.... just for the desire and lust Alex played with her emotions....

Pablito Makson 18.10.2020, 04:42:02

give this woman a strong character I hate Alex black

Rocelle Dayawa Villamento 18.10.2020, 02:50:37

Merun ba neto sa Wattpad

Rocelle Dayawa Villamento 18.10.2020, 02:50:07

Wala na ? ? Kakabitin Naman ?

Pablito Makson 18.10.2020, 02:22:30

great chapter I love your erotic n beautiful book but make Jane a strong character she is too weak.

Pablito Makson 17.10.2020, 23:38:44

nice story

Abhirami Asokan 17.10.2020, 15:03:52

hell yeaaahhhh :P :D

Sok Ying Ng 17.10.2020, 12:16:24

u r an amazing writer

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 17.10.2020, 12:31:27

Sok Ying Ng, Thank you,

Chelsi Chakma 28.09.2020, 20:13:13

Nice story.....

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The last comment in the thread:

Chelsi Chakma 17.10.2020, 05:59:41

Ashleh Queen, Most welcome

Lucia Taruc 17.10.2020, 05:11:21


sandra hay 17.10.2020, 04:57:54

you are an amazing writer

Oyoy Oyoy 16.10.2020, 09:33:09


Anna Belle 16.10.2020, 09:17:41


Anna Belle 16.10.2020, 08:37:17


Twinkle ECKstar 16.10.2020, 04:09:58

of course we can hate Alex. and im sure you want us to hate him, so yes i do. he is sooo full of himself. PRICK

Lucia Taruc 15.10.2020, 15:16:00

You are amazing

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 15.10.2020, 17:50:39

Lucia Taruc, Thank you,

Lucia Taruc 15.10.2020, 14:43:37

Good so far

Flora Gervacio 15.10.2020, 00:51:58

i like it.i continue reading

Poovizhi 14.10.2020, 05:14:20

Nice story. Need second part

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 14.10.2020, 13:53:40

Poovizhi, Thank you, the second part is already completed and can be found on my booknet profile.

dawodurukayatyahoocom Amoke 14.10.2020, 10:44:16

Nice I can't wait for the book two

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 14.10.2020, 13:52:16

dawodurukayatyahoocom Amoke, Thank you, the second part is already completed on my booknet profile.

Nevenka Pastrovic 14.10.2020, 12:22:39

good book

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 14.10.2020, 13:51:55

Nevenka Pastrovic, Thank you,

Dinesh Kumar 13.10.2020, 10:37:01


The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 13.10.2020, 14:54:53

Dinesh Kumar, Thank you,

Leda Dionson 08.10.2020, 04:23:57

Extraordinary story

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Leda Dionson 13.10.2020, 10:40:22

Ashleh Queen, My pleasure. I hope your story will have a happy ending.

Lucky Unachukwu 12.10.2020, 22:08:54

So interesting, cannot wait to read 2

Melanie Buenconsejo 11.10.2020, 13:33:14

I love the story... looking forward the continuation.

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 12.10.2020, 16:24:56

Melanie Buenconsejo, Thank you, this story is already completed and you can find the second part in my booknet profile.

Privilege Ruth 11.10.2020, 20:03:32

it didn't end well

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 12.10.2020, 16:22:52

Privilege Ruth, It is not the end. The story continues in the second book that has a complete ending. You can find the story in my booknet profile.

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