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Book. "Crash Into Me" read online

Crash Into Me

Gegi Mei

Story about:second chance, romantic suspense, romance drama

769 65707

#1419 in Contemporary Romance
#572 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 122 pages

Publication: 02.05.2020 — 06.10.2020

Description of book "Crash Into Me"

Sandra Lowry is renting out her property for a living. A lifetime investment she couldn't really afford. When her best friend / property agent told her they were bidding on a new prospect that could cover her next 5 year rent, she was excited.

The client, a handsome actor with a tragic past who would be living in her compound for the next 6 months. With her own past tragedy, the two developed an instant friendship that was rare and found a connection beyond what they've ever had before.

Unbeknownst to her that her past was on its way to catch up with her and prevent her from moving on.


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Shirley Zhang
15.11.2022, 11:49:00

Dear author, this is Shirley/Senior editor on Mobo. We appreciate your book and would like to invite you to publish it on our platform as well.

Susan Kirkham Alcorn
01.12.2020, 12:15:39

beautiful story.

Gegi Mei
01.12.2020, 11:34:36

Susan Kirkham Alcorn, Thank you for reading :) and thank you for the reward ❤️

Gas Matalubos
19.10.2020, 10:26:14

the story is becoming more interesting

Gegi Mei
19.10.2020, 10:58:32

Gas Matalubos, Thank you for reading :)

Zaenab Pathan
06.10.2020, 11:47:43

I just don't have any words to express this's Just AMAZING, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN BOOK...You are literally an awesome writer...I've read all your books, all are WORTH READING BOOKS

Gegi Mei
06.10.2020, 11:58:25

Zaenab Pathan, Thank you so much :) I'm so happy that you enjoyed all my books, more to come, I hope you'll stick around to find out ❤️❤️

Maria Fe
21.08.2020, 17:02:18


Gegi Mei
22.08.2020, 08:33:43

Maria Fe, I would love for you to read my other stories here on Booknet, more to come. Please follow my account to get notifications for my updates :) Thank you ❤️

Angie Smith
15.06.2020, 13:58:16

thank you for sharing your book... it was wonderful! keep up the good work! I'm following every book you write... god bless

Maria Fe
21.08.2020, 17:04:35

Angie Smith, lucas is a good man. i hope he find his true love. im happy for john and sandy.

Adoracion Guiamoy
16.08.2020, 16:50:31

I love the story ... it’s not dragging ... keep on writing ...

Gegi Mei
16.08.2020, 18:42:43

Adoracion Guiamoy, Thank you for reading :) I will keep on writing, please follow my account to get notifications for my updates and upcoming stories.

Erica M
07.08.2020, 14:09:23

I loved this story! I think it deserves a sequel. I want to see how they've decided to move on with their lives together. If perhaps she got pregnant and had another child for him. Did Lucas ever find love? Did their little secret about killing Patrick ever come out? It just ended so abruptly.

Gegi Mei
07.08.2020, 14:48:41

Erica M, Hello :) Thank you for reading my story, I'm glad you enjoyed it. At first I had a plan to continue the story to a sequel, but I haven't get into that yet. Maybe I will consider it in the future :) I currently have an ongoing story here on Booknet, I hope you will enjoy my other stories too. Happy reading!

Naomi Ehiome
02.08.2020, 02:49:34

I love your story

Gegi Mei
02.08.2020, 04:14:42

Naomi Ehiome, Thank you for reading :) I hope you like my other stories too :)

16.07.2020, 13:25:06

I loved it so much!! I've completed reading all your stories and I can't wait for more. Sending you lots of love❤ Stay safe out there !

16.07.2020, 19:39:09

Gegi Mei, Love to you too! ❤

23.06.2020, 01:53:02

wanted lucas to be with sandy

14.07.2020, 12:00:22

Gegi Mei, Yeah create some other character for lucas

The Tigress
30.06.2020, 18:43:39

Omg, like I read this novel of you too and it is also captivating...I loved it ...felt bad for Lucas...:(but what love triangle ends this way...I didn't like when Sandy was running away from Josh even when he was trying to erase her misunderstandings but I'm glad at last she understood it and they were together .....character of Patrick was eeww..disgusting, patethic...he received a very happy ending :) .I was terrified when Lucas said that he will handle everything when Sandy killed Patrick accidnently...I was afraid if he would surrender himself to cops taking all blame on him ...I'm really happy it didn't turned out that way....
Overall this novel hooked me up to end ....I started reading it today in afternoon and finished it now....really happy after reading it :) :) :)

The Tigress
01.07.2020, 07:38:13

Gegi Mei, Sure :)

24.06.2020, 13:09:38

Beautiful story :) I felt bad for Lucas, the way he's always there for Sandy but unfortunately love can't be forced however good the person is. I felt sad and bad the way Sandy wouldn't talk it out and went on thinking there is no way it works after John's shooting is done. I was so happy when he finally came back :D I felt really awful when I discovered that Sandy's pregnancy resulted from the rape. I can't imagine how hard that must have been.. And that disgusting piece of shit dared come back to avenge being raped in prison?! WTH??! He deserved it and deserved even more!!!
Well just to say it was a beautifully built story and a real emotional rollercoaster! You write really well!

25.06.2020, 09:22:06

Gegimei, You're welcome! Yes sure, I'm reading your other stories meanwhile ;)

21.06.2020, 17:28:33

Another wonderful story from you. you are an awesome writer. keep it up

Gegi Mei
21.06.2020, 18:23:39

Titi, Thank you so much :)

15.06.2020, 09:15:08

Wow! Amazing

Gegi Mei
15.06.2020, 12:13:41

Izzy, Thank you Izzy :)

Estrellita Largo
11.06.2020, 15:34:10

so amazing...keep up and keep fighting...looking forward for more of ur books.. god bless...

Gegi Mei
12.06.2020, 03:54:36

Estrellita Largo, Thank you for the stars :) please stay tune for more of my stories.

Bang Chae Ha
29.05.2020, 20:14:32

Woww:-0 just wooww :-0 I definitely love this book.. It seems like It needs to have a book 2 for Sandy and John :-) :-) Still longing for more of their story, can't get enough.. amazing!!!!

Gegi Mei
30.05.2020, 06:22:12

Bang Chae Ha, Thank you ;) love to have you as my reader.

maryam kiraniputri
26.05.2020, 08:43:10

I loveeeee this book so much. Remain to Bali island

Gegi Mei
26.05.2020, 09:11:28

Thank you :) I was inspired by the lovely island of Bali, my other book also use the same location (Bhorma Island). Please follow my account to get notifications for my future updates, and don't forget to click the star button if you enjoyed the story. Thank you for reading.

Bienvenida Robiso Dela Cruz
18.05.2020, 11:03:27

Kindly upadate soon.

I love this book. Can't wait for the next chapter.
What happens to John and Sandy's love story?

Gegi Mei
18.05.2020, 12:49:48

Thank you for reading, will update daily please stay tuned. Follow my account to get notifications on my updates. Happy reading :)

Averyn Dev
12.05.2020, 14:39:48

Love the book so far. Wonder what happens next between John and Sandra.!!!
Update soon.

Gegi Mei
12.05.2020, 14:47:43

Glad you enjoyed it, will do a regular update on this one. Do stay tune :)

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
09.05.2020, 04:49:37

gosh... woman.. love chap 3!! Imma continue this ❤

Gegi Mei
09.05.2020, 04:52:33

ow thanks :) and thanks for the reward, I will upload more chapters soon

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
08.05.2020, 14:27:30

my gawd so excited for bhorma island :))

Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust)
08.05.2020, 15:16:00

Gegimei, lol yes!! we should!!

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