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Book. "Curse of Seven Witches" read online

Curse of Seven Witches


Story about:witch, modern, billionaires

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#1784 in Fantasy
#70 in Urban fantasy

On Hold: 01 Mar 6 pages

Publication: 24.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Curse of Seven Witches"

Five hundred years ago, a group of seven witches decided to make an oath. If they managed to have descendants that will help their future battle, then, they must return to that wrecked place and perform the ritual that can bestow the power to subdue the forces of evil that reside in the underworld. Because if they wouldn’t perform the sacred ritual, the peaceful days in the human world will be over and the portal that connects the human world and under world will be open.

But… In the modern era of the twenty first century, how can the descendants of seven witches manage to deliver that oath if all of them were currently living on different continents? And they don’t have a clue about the other descendants' existence?


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