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Defender of Light


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Publication: 19.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Defender of Light"

Tessa Cain , is a seventeen year old high school student who discovers she harnesses a power that can help people live forever, heal the sick, change dark hearts into pure hearts, and can give strength and power to all those who join her.

She has been chosen, by the Ruler of the supernatural world to lead His army in a war against the children of darkness.

When the ruler of the dark world discoverers who the chosen one is, he decides to send the most powerful Deceiver and tempter in his army.

-The one person who has the power to distract her from the calling on her life by making her fall in love with him. His seventeen year old son Lucas Onasis, the Prince of Darkness.

Will he stop her from completing her purpose or will she change his heart forever?


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Olivia Gordon Reid
23.11.2020, 01:31:10

Hi, again! I just read the first chapter, and it was pretty good! I like how you described Tessa's vision and the impact it has on her, also while explaining why she has them. Very interesting! Now that Lucas has found her, I wonder what will happen next...I can't wait for your next update!

23.11.2020, 02:37:17

Olivia Gordon Reid, I’m glad you liked it! Thank you!

Olivia Gordon Reid
20.11.2020, 03:59:56

Continued: However, this is just a suggestion and you don’t have to follow my advice, but I do feel like it would work better for the story you are trying to tell. Despite this, your story seems very interesting and I’m excited to see how you continue, and I will eagerly wait for updates.

Olivia Gordon Reid
20.11.2020, 14:02:16

Growingvogue, You’re very welcome! I’m excited to see how the story progresses. I hope my review didn’t seem rude, as it seems like you know what you’re doing. I just always want to help my fellow authors out. I like your explanations for those elements, and once again, I’m eager to know what happens next.

Olivia Gordon Reid
20.11.2020, 03:58:49

Hi, friend! My name is Olivia and I recently discovered your story. The cover and annotation seemed cool, and I think you did a phenomenal job with both! The premise seems really interesting and luckily is right up my alley, so after reading the first chapter, I wanted to give you a review. I really enjoyed your writing style and the characters, and I can’t wait to read about everyone else. The idea of sending a demon to the mortal world to stop the chosen one from completing her purpose sounds really cool, and I’m excited to read about what happens with that. However, I do have a suggestion: I feel like Lucas shouldn’t outright love Tessa straight away. Maybe he could simply be interested in her, but only want to use love to get what he wants. When they meet and start falling in love, however, perhaps he could doubt what he was sent to do and decide to be better for her. I feel like his feelings towards her are more insta-love and that for now, he should just do what he has to do to get her on his side. In addition, getting someone to love you isn’t the only way to get someone to follow you. Maybe he could try to befriend her and accidentally falls for her in the process.